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The Yale Indo-Pacific collection 006196
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The Yale Indo-Pacific collection 006196
Ritual to determine cause of an unexpected death
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color photographs
June 16, 2001
Wato Lolong, Adonara, Indonesia
Domenikus Dore Bahi rubbing cotton pellets along the bamboo platform, balai, at a lewak tapo, splitting the coconut, ceremony in Wato Wato Lolong, Adonara, Indonesia. Dominkus Dore on the right. His brother Raphael Mangun Bahu next to him. The ceremony is intended to query the ancestors in order to find out the cause of an unexpected death. In this case it is for Kuaq who killed Ola Boli--no further information available. It was being held by the clan Suku Horowura. The village is new to this ceremony, and there had been only nine of them held previous to this one. Of interest is that Wato Lolong is a Demon village and that Dominkus Dore comes from a Paji village, in the Demon/Paji split that traditionally separates the Lamaholot speaking area into mutually hostile regions
Yale University Art Gallery
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Digital Collection
The Yale Indo-Pacific collection
Original format and photographic equipment: Slide. Nikon EM. Roll 21, Frame 7. June 16, 2001
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