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Emlen Physick Estate
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Emlen Physick Estate
Physick Estate
Dr. Emlen Physick House
detail view
Fireplace detail
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Work: 1878-1879
Era: CE
Image Date: 1985
1048 Washington Street
Cape May, Cape May, New Jersey, United States
Stick Style
The Emlen Physick Estate is a Victorian house museum in Cape May, New Jersey, located at 1048 Washington Street. The 18-room mansion, attributed to acclaimed American architect Frank Furness, was built in 1879 for Dr. Emlen Physick Jr. (1855-1916), descendant of a well-known Philadelphia family, his widowed mother, Mrs. Ralston, and maiden Aunt Emilie. The mansion is closely related to Furness's Knowlton Mansion (1880–81) in Northeast Philadelphia. The Physick Mansion is one of the finest examples of “Stick Style” architecture in America. Its exterior is distinguished by Furness’s trademark oversized features, including gigantic upside-down corbelled chimneys, hooded “jerkin-head” dormers, and the huge stick-like brackets on the porch. Many original furnishings are on display throughout the house. The Mid-Atlantic Center for the Arts (MAC) was formed in 1970 to save the Physick Estate from the wrecking ball. The Center operates the estate as a Victorian historic house museum. -- Added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1970 as part of the Cape May Historic District, and then listed as a National Historic Landmark District in 1976. -- Said to be the most haunted building in Cape May. --
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Photographer: Wilson, Richard Guy
Spatial coordinates
38.940556, -74.914444
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