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Avery Coonley Residence
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Avery Coonley Residence
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Work: 1908
Era: CE
Image Date: March 1975
300 Scottswood Road
Riverside, Cook, Illinois, United States
Prairie School
The Avery Coonley House, also known as Coonley House, was designed by famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright. Constructed in 1907–08, this is an estate of several buildings built on the banks of the Des Plaines River in Riverside, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago. It is itself a National Historic Landmark and is included in another National Historic Landmark, the Riverside Historic District. Avery Coonley was heir to an industrial fortune and had an unlimited budget. The Coonleys had investigated Wright's other homes and told him that they saw in his work "the countenances of principle". Wright stated in his autobiography that "This was to me a great and sincere compliment. So I put my best into the Coonley House." The lower exterior is stucco rising to a ceramic tile banding with a geometric pattern. The gardens contain terraces, shallow planters and a large reflecting pool. For the education of the Coonley's young daughter Wright designed a playhouse nearby. Around 1960, the main house was divided into two separate residences, now with separate addresses. Riverside Il, is one of the earliest known planned communities, designed by Frederick Law Olmsted and C. Vaux. Riverside is a community that is nationally and internationally recognized as one of the first planned suburban communities in the country. That recognition is enhanced because of the Village's association with world-famous landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted who together with C. Vaux designed and established Riverside, IL.
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Photographer: Wilson, Richard Guy
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