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Emmanuel Episcopal Church
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Emmanuel Episcopal Church
windows by Harry Eldredge Goodhue
Work Type
church (building)
Work: 1900-1902
Era: CE
Image Date: 1988
42 Dearborn Street
Newport, Rhode Island, Newport, Rhode Island, United States
Gothic Revival
Emmanuel Episcopal Church was established in 1841 as a mission of Newport's Trinity Church. In 1852, the congregation was admitted into Diocesan Convention as Emmanuel Free Church. In 1901, Natalie Bayard Brown decided to build a new church on the site to honor her late husband, John Nicholas Brown, Sr. The first service was held in 1902. The two bells in the tower, cast by the same English foundry that made Philadelphia’s Liberty Bell, were given in 1903 by Natalie’s mother-in-law, Sophia Augusta Brown, in memory of her son Harold. The reredos and wall murals were given in 1921 by Natalie Brown as a peace memorial for Armistice Day. The stained glass windows were made by Harry Eldredge Goodhue, born in 1873 and known as one of three stained glass craftsmen to revive the art and craft of medieval glass-making during the last decade of the 19th Century and the first decade of the 20th.,_Rhode_Island%29
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Photographer: Wilson, Richard Guy
Spatial coordinates
41.479583, -71.3125
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