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Harbour Court
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Harbour Court
Harbor Court
New York Yacht Clubhouse
Mrs. John Nicholas Brown Estate
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Work: 1904-1906
Era: CE
Image Date: 1985
5 Halidon Avenue
Newport, Rhode Island, Newport, Rhode Island, United States
Louis XIII
An 8-acre estate overlooking Newport Harbor, Harbour Court includes a large house, two small wood-frame buildings, an ample garage and service quarters, a greenhouse, and a significant landscape, all set behind a tile-capped stucco wall. The main house is a 21⁄2-story, L-plan, stucco-and-stone, high-hip-slate-roof Louis XIII Revival building with the main block oriented on an east-west axis. To the main house’s northeast is a 1-story, board-and-batten, flared-end-gable-roof Gothic-Revival building. To the north is a half-timbered 1-story, high-hip-roof building with a porch at its west end set within its mass and a small chimney centered on the ridgeline. The garage-and-service building, abutting the property line to the east south east, is a U-plan, stucco- and-half-timber 21⁄2-story building with high cross-gable roof. To the south of the garage-and-service building is a lacy wood, metal, and glass 1-story greenhouse with brick foundation, entrances on the south and east elevations, acroteria above the east entrance and along the ridgeline, and a parged chimney. Harbour Court remained in the Brown family until the late 1980s; in 1987 it became the Newport clubhouse of the New York Yacht Club.
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Photographer: Wilson, Richard Guy
Spatial coordinates
41°28'25"N 71°19'33"W
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