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Walt Disney World Casting Center
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Walt Disney World Casting Center
Whimsical details
Work Type
administration building
Work: 1987-1989
Era: CE
Image Date: 1992
1515 North Buena Vista Drive
Lake Buena Vista, Orange, Florida, United States
Gothic (Medieval)
61,000 square feet
Eisner offered the opportunity to create a new Casting Center for Walt Disney World to architect Robert A. M. Stern. His design philosophy was to take work from the past and re-interpret it for a modern audience. "Architecture is a dialog with the past carried on in the present with an eye toward the future," claimed Stern when asked to explain his "interpretation rather than innovation" approach. When confronted with the challenge of creating a Walt Disney World Casting Center, he selected as his inspiration the Doge's Palace in Venice, Italy. He felt that building called to mind the fanciful European castles associated with Disney, and it portrayed a sense of authority and power. He began work on the project in 1987 and the Casting Center opened March 27,1989. It was located right across the street from Downtown Disney with one side facing the busy I-4 freeway to act as a whimsical billboard to attract the attention of potential applicants driving on that interstate. The diamond patterns on the outside of the building hark back to the pattern found on the Italian harlequin, as well as being exaggerated references to the same triangular pattern on the exterior of the real Doge's Palace. The building is designed to move potential applicants seamlessly to the location where they will apply. A short walk leads to a small oval rotunda surrounded by 12 gold leaf-covered statues of Disney characters on pillars just as you might find sculptures on pillars in an Italian palace. --
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Photographer: Wilson, Richard Guy
Complex Title
Walt Disney World Resort
Spatial coordinates
28° 22′ 11″ N, 81° 30′ 45.66″ W
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