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James Frederic Clarke House
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James Frederic Clarke House
Ceiling lights
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Work: 1915-1916
Era: CE
Image Date: 1974
500 South Main Street
Fairfield, Jefferson, Iowa, United States
Prairie School
Based on the working drawings of the architect, Francis Barry Byrne (1888-1967), the Clarke House was built between 1915 and 1916 in Fairfield, Iowa. Byrne had been trained in Frank Lloyd Wright's Oak Park office, but this house goes beyond the Wright influence and carries Byrne's signature style.
In late 1913, Byrne took over the practice of Walter Burley Griffin, with whom he had worked in Wright's office, when Griffin went to Australia. He spent time in Seattle before returning to the Midwest to execute this commission.
Bold, geometric shapes and sharp edges allow a distinct profile. Original art glass and trim plus the striking use of color departs from the earth tones preferred by Wright. The departure in color is Alfonso Ianelli's influence ... he favored bright primaries. Lighting and color schemes in the house were done by Ianelli, who had also worked with Wright as a sculptor. The windows echo Wright but contain only a few small squares of color to "enliven the lineal pattern" (Shank, 1972). Simple door and window detail and panels created by extending trim between windows are Byrne's Prairie interpretation. --
Also interesting is the presence of an attached garage in such an early design. --
This 3,500 square feet home offers an environment of beauty, art and history with over fifty stunning original artglass windows and French doors, restored wall stencils by famed Arts & Crafts artisan Alfonso Iannelli, exquisite original period light fixtures, furniture designed just for this home, and set in a lovely wooded 0.6 acre lot just four blocks from the central square. --
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Photographer: Wilson, Richard Guy
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