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Dedham Parish Church
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Dedham Parish Church
Church of St. Mary the Virgin, Dedham
detail view
stained glass window: Charity, Faith and Hope by W. G. von Glehn, 1909
Work Type
churches (buildings)
Work: ca. 1491-ca. 1520
Era: CE
Image Date: 2003
High Street
Dedham, Essex, England, United Kingdom
Perpendicular Style
One of the most prosperous Perp churches of Essex, the visible proof of the flourishing cloth trade of the town, of which the church is the principal witness. ... The church is a rebuilding of an earlier structure, of which fragments remain at the W end; the (re-set) S doorway is C14 and within the S porch is some masonry from the former S wall aisle. But otherwise all is of the late C15 and early C16, starting with the chancel. The nave was begun c. 1491 and John Gurdon bequeathed money for the N aisle in 1504. Money was left for the building of the steeple in 1494-5, 1504-5, 1505-6, and a further £20 towards finishing the steeple in 1510. ... the tower and the whole church were probably complete by about 1520 -- built it appears at one go and without change of plan. -- Bettley and Pevsner, Essex, 2007, p. 319-320.
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Photographer: Wilson, Richard Guy
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© Richard Guy Wilson
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