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The Fourth of July in London
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The Fourth of July in London
Work Type
speeches; pamphlets
Ink on paper
11 p. 17 cm.
Presumably released in July of 1917, this pamphlet is a pairing of two statements, one by Walter Hines Page, the American Ambassador to Great Britain, and the British Foreign Secretary, Alfred J. Balfour. Each man reflects and discusses his thoughts on the United States, Great Britain, and one by the importance of their relationship with each other. Ambassador Page was brief, but still puts forth a strong sentiment of patriotism and duty. Page believes America must be committed to this “crusade” as a means of holding up the significance of its creation 140 years earlier. In his significantly longer statement, Secretary Balfour very much mirrors the sentiments of his American colleague, while also adding several uniquely British, but no less important thoughts on the American-British alliance. The pamphlet shares truly inspirational and encouraging sentiments from both Ambassador Page and Secretary Balfour. Each man claimed that this war was about more about than fighting the Central Powers, about more than creating a world safe for democracy; it’s about reuniting and creating a lasting relationship between two great nations based on the common bonds, interests, and memories they already share.
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D525.U6 F65 1917
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Boatwright Special Collections
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