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Virginia's War History
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Virginia's War History
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August, 1920
Ink on paper
12 p. 23 cm.
Virginia was the first state to create a comprehensive plan for memorializing its role in the war. Chairman of the Virginia State War History Commission, Arthur Kyle wanted to ensure that future Virginians would have knowledge of their state’s history and participation in the first World War. He accomplished this through what became known as “The Virginia Plan”, which sought to preserve the civilian history of the war in Virginia. Governor Morris took the first step and established a commission of sixteen Virginians. The commissioners first called on the wealthy and influential members of society to help gain popular support for the project. The next step was localizing the commission by establishing smaller sub-commissions around the commonwealth. The commissioners crafted sixteen different topics, one for each commissioner to supervise. Topics include the military, economics, correspondence, diaries, transportation. The military has the most topics, six of the fifteen. Arthur Kyle references, “The Virginia Negroes,” a separate board of thirty members assigned to collect data and information from specific areas. These “negroes” were creating their own memorialization within the Virginia Plan, which would be a “special topic” and “essential” piece of the history. In its entirety, the final history would be a four-volume compilation of the sixteen selected topics.
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D525.U6 D38 1920
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Boatwright Special Collections
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