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October and November, 1973
Watters Theater, Fine Arts Building, Binghamton University, Harpur College, State University of New York; Binghamton, New York, United States
An English version of Lysistrata arranged and adapted by Susan J. Peters, Robert A. Pawlikowski and Richard G. Smith; with additional material and lyrics by Robert a. Pawlikowski. This play included the addition of one "short scene, music, a character of two." It attempted to "preserve the essences of the source scripts and, at the same time, adapt the play to our own interpretation ... a flavor of ancient Greece and a flavor of Aristophanes." R.G.S.
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Susan Jacks; Alisa Saltzman; Eleanor Murray; Trudy Geffin; Laurie Levine; Carol Schlossman; Esther Smith; Yolandes Kempley; Jean Goddard; Ellen Seideman; Ann Prusinski; Suzie Pechstein; Gloria Botnick; Laurie Sitkin; Linda Berry; Donna Barat; Maxine Levine; Amy Leveen; Marlene Friedman; Carole Zucker; Camille Gaudier; Elissa R. Weitz; Donna S. Trinkoff; Shirley Brown; Katy Heine; Vicky Devany; Laura Fernandez; Jeff Preiser; Michael Quinn; Alan Jacobsen; Howard Goldberg; Steve Botkin; Ron Lynch; Dave Rosenman; Adrian Giery; Jeff Brutman; Howard Weinberg; Gary Levine; Gregory Sabol; Barry J. O'Donnell; Glenn Sussman; Bob LaMotte; Jeff Brutman; Terry Writz; Ed Musick; Gordon Taylor; Bruce Zafran; Julie Kupferberg; Cindy Baldwin; Elliot Sokolov; Al Szymanick; Arthur Lindberg; Robert A. Lindstrom; Reed Baker; Neal Linden; Robert A. Twining; Meredith Cohn; Michael Beebi; Stanley Epstein; Kent Oldfield; Karen Hansom
Production Team
Jeff Martin; Barbara Ginsberg; Thomas F. Donahue; Shirley Brown; Carol Flechner; Theatre 111 Class; Diane DeBaun; Adriene Despot; Marian Durgin; Sue Hargrave; Theatre 171 Class; Constance Dorula; Theatre 113 Class; Joe Fiocoola; Merrie Shapiro; Ken Tabachnick; Amy Williams; Helene Greece; Howard Goldberg; Theatre 112 Class; Paul Walker; Jonathan Arkin; E.R. Weitz; Alvin Spector
Bob Kelley Inc., Arthur Lessac, Sue Ann Park, and Lisbeth Roman.
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