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West Side Story
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West Side Story
November, 1979
Watters Theater, Fine Arts Building, Binghamton University, Harpur College, State University of New York; Binghamton, New York, United States
Entire original production directed and choreographed by Jerome Robbins. There is little we can add to what has already been said and written for more than two decades about this musically brilliant and choreographically stunning example of American musical theatre at its finest - except that you shouldn't miss it.
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Porfirio Figueroa, jr; David Perez; Bernardo Rosa, jr; Michael Jennings; Gary Zuckerbrod; Howard Cherpakov; Marilu Morreale; Carolyn Dow; Joanne Borts; Velería Thompson; Cynthia Garcia; Tonya Bass; Amy Rothman; Ron Goldberg; Mark Houghtaling; Michael DiFonzo; Bruce Katz; David Mingrino; Neil Herlands; Steven Sabowitz; Peter Gorobetz; Matthew Wiener; Wayne Markover; Sue Carlini; Linda Spadanuta; Kerin Gitlin; Lisa Fanning; Lorrie Emberton; Miriam B. Massen; Jana Bronstein; Paul Mondesire; David Coffee; Jeffrey Goodman; Howard E. Kuttner; Norma Bennice; Bill Byron; Rich Cooper; Kathy Droege; Don Freyieue; Susan Friedman; John Knierim; Elaine Lucia; Suzanne Smith; Gabriella Snyder; Bennett Kaufman; Arthur Kay; Martin Kaye; Cheryl Page; Gerald Radlauer; Gail Wein; Christine Jackson; Kelly Bado; Zeb Ostrom; Scott O'Dell; Gregg Lituchy; Michael Morch; Michael Tucker; Seth Popkin; April Lucas; Frank Giorgianni; Art Kirsch; Doug Cohen; David Klein; Mark Birchard; Thomas Murray; Rick Rosoff; Douglas Gray; Howard Lynne; Rick Reaves; Neal Herstik; Perry lannone; Robert Bers; Peter Borden; Barney Griffin; Michael Moskowitz; Jon Erwin
Production Team
Suzanne Jacobs; Jeffrey B. Eisenberg; Laure J. Greenwald; Diane Fargo; Jim Shear; Michael Jennings; Neal Herstik; Steven J. Lutvak; Peggy Mehl; Susan J. Peters; Kerin Gitlin; Marilu Morreale; Linda Spadanuta; Bernardo Rosa, jr; Linda C. Kovacs; Randy Levine; Jan S. Utstein; Shellie C. Wiener; Russ Rosensweig; Robert C. Robinson; Richard G. Smith; Deborah J. Dankner; John Eloy Vestal; Mindy H. Berchansky; Susan Hall; Paul Palazzo; Susan Seibold; Cara Jonas; Pat Cannon; Susan Fait; Gene Silberman; Theater 241 Students; Neil Greenberg; Gary Steel; Eileen Arroyo; Jennifer Heiser; Virginia Castagna; Chris Honan; Betsy Keffer; Cindy Johnson; Liz Moro; Donna Muir; John Marean; Peter Bonush; Judy Carsky; Mike Dilmore; Don Freyleue; Mike Gelfars; Russell Goodman; Lynn Harrison; Robert Hill; John Klingert; Jordan Miller; George Mulgrew; Walter Roberts; Robert Ward; Theater 291 H; Theater 103; Theater 180 A and B Students; Tommy DeJesus; Paul Greenberg; Steve Jordon; Larry Mittleman; Josh Perl; Jill Potter; Steve Sabowitz; Craig Saeger; Jon Slater; Francine Vallone; Hillary Schwartz; Anne Dunford; Roberta Donahue
Al Hamme (Director of Harpur Jazz Ensemble), Arthur Lessac, David Serko, and The Music Department.
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