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Hello Dolly
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Hello Dolly
November, 2003
Watters Theater, Fine Arts Building, Binghamton University, Harpur College, State University of New York; Binghamton, New York, United States
"Hello Dolly!" is based on the play "The Matchmaker" by Thornton Wilder. It is an irresistible story of the joy of living, glittering with happy songs, and alive with the personality of one of the most famous characters on the musical stage ... Dolly Gallagher Levi!
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Beth Wittig; Danny Thalblum; Dan Mian; Namaah Harris; Christopher Rovente; Chad D'Entrone; Sarah Nuffer; Meredith VanScoy; Lindsay Dites; Dominique Romeo; Justin Weg; Olga Bugai; Allison Cohen; Dina Kirschenbaum; Melissa McNall; Joe Coppola; Ryan LaRanger; David Lewis; Greg Perri; Lindsay Diles; Stephen Mayer; Brian Meyer; Rachel Spiegel; Liza Adelman; Johanna Blackstone; Chris Tillson; Evan Meaney; Susan J. Peters; Jeong-Eun Julia Kim; Kelsey Bauer; Karen Zimmer; Lexie Rojas; Lisa Pantuso; Nick Corbishley; Stephanie Dodge; David Bespalko; Chris Magee; Peter Pandazis; Seth Werner; Kate Elizabeth Metzler; Justin Haar; Joe Reilly; Tallin Lamonaca; Mark Turley; Rob Magee; Stefano Pena; Derek Basini; Rory Clark; Justin Dank; Jonathan Edelstein; Matthew Feinman; Adam Gilbert; David Mancher; Shaun Pappas; Gregory Sommer; Mathew Sposta; Boris Strogach; Joseph Stanton
Production Team
Tracy Richard; Donald W. Guido; L. Annette Short; Elaine Kelly; Meredith VanScoy; Qianghua Wang; Craig Saeger; Christopher Rovente; Melanie Swersey; Melissa McNall; Stephanie Wiesner; Tory Shilling; Joe Cantasano; Adi Cydulkin; Kellie Powell; Lars Updale; Chicken Hsieh; Marisa Wade; Nicole Papadopoulos; Rebecca Edney; Brandon Gardner; Nathan Gismot; Cheryl Hill; Hakyong Kim; Seung Hee Noh; Jessica Rios; Andrew Sindell; Min-Chul Song; Robert Bergdall; Samual Boyer; Naamah Harris; Elizabeth Hickman; Soutchay Insyxreagmau; Roni Kirzl; Shenoa Landon; Jessica Lifton; Daniel Mian; Sarah Nuffer; Greg Perri; Regina Rafanan; Philip Senerchia; Michael Teggan; Edward "Brett" Tribe; Lila Tzou; Alex Ullman; Steven Wander; Jennifer Wiener; John Wu; Katrina Beiner; Sara Blake; Lindsay Diles; Rachel Druker; Noelle Farren; Lindsay Hahnes; Sasha Hoffman; Adam Holley; Alex Jackson; Ji Lee; Talia Mendillo; Jessica Reing; La Tasha Stephens; Danny Thalblum; Janna Trudeaux; Elizabeth Yun; Shari Rachel Glickman; Hamza Imdad; Jessica Buettner; Ella Cho; Sunkyoung Kim; Tasha Cowd; Colleen Esposito; Drew Kanoff; Shelia Sheynin; Kathlyn Wagner; Joe Cantasano; Benjamin Ehrenreich; Michael Ferri; William Grant; Victoria B. Howard; Jason Lee; John Snider
Special thanks to Albert Nocciolino for his support and contribution for the Albert Nocciolino Excellence in Theatre Scholarship Award in memory of Emma Nocciolino. Theatre program support provided through the Offices of New York State Senator Thomas W. Libous.
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