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Bus Stop
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Bus Stop
October, 2003
Watters Theater, Fine Arts Building, Binghamton University, Harpur College, State University of New York; Binghamton, New York, United States
In Pulitzer Prize winner William Inge's play "Bus Stop," an all-night diner serves as a safe haven for a group of colorful strangers stranded by a winter storm. "Bus Stop" is a gentle roller coaster of excitement, rising to comedy at one moment, and dipping into despair the next. This Romantic Comedy offers an in-depth look into people who are struggling to escape their loneliness.
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Kathleen Di Simone; Lucy Hallett; Suzanne Davis; Steve Remeika; Ted Nappi; John Wu; Philip Senerchia; Andy Grammer
Production Team
Shenoa Landon; Brian Jones; Donald W. Guido; L. Annette Short; Elaine Kelly; Meredith VanScoy; Qianghua Wang; Craig Saeger; Anne Brady; Stephanie Wiesner; Jennifer Wiener; Lars Updale; Melissa Nalbach; Marisa Wade; Philip Senerchia; Wig Boys; Nathan Gismot; Laurie Pasternack; Colleen Theresa Esposito; Richard Wade; Katrina Beiner; Robert Bergdall; Samual Boyer; Brandon Gardner; Naamah Harris; Elizabeth Hickman; Roni Kirzl; Ji Lee; Jessica Lifson; Daniel Mian; Sara Nuffer; Greg Perri; Reguna Rafanan; Tracy Richard; Chris Rovente; Tory Schilling; Philip Senerchia; Michael Teggan; Edward "Brett" Tribe; Lila Thou; Alex Ullman; Steven Wander; Jen Wiener; John Wu; Sara Blake; Lindsay Diles; Rachel Druker; Noelle Farren; Lindsay Hahnes; Sasha Hoffman; Adam Holley; Alex Jackson; Talia Mendillo; Nicole Papadopoulis; Jesse Reing; La Tasha Stephens; Danny Thalbum; Janna Trudeaux; Elizabeth Yun; Sheila Sheynin; Natalie Gmora; Joseph Cantasano; Jason Lee; Jessica Reing
Special thanks to Wigboys. Special tech acknowledgements to Robert Bergdall, Brian Jones, Shenoa Landon, Stephanie Wiesner, and Jennifer Wiener.
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