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Picasso at the Lapine Agile
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Picasso at the Lapine Agile
February and March, 2000
Watters Theater, Fine Arts Building, Binghamton University, Harpur College, State University of New York; Binghamton, New York, United States
It's the dawn of a new century - the last century! And in a fleabag Montmartre bar, a pair of geniuses meet and lock horns; the distracted Albert Einstein and the swaggering, girl-crazy Father of Cubism, Pablo Picasso. This zany farce of ideas is written by acclaimed comic actor and author, Steve Martin, screenwriter and star of "The Jerk," "Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid," "Roxanne," and "L.A. Story."
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Greg Samothrakis; Neal N. Maffei, III; Maria McMahon; Sean Christopher Lewis; Laura Terruso; Daniel Minucci; Matt Dellapina; Kevin Dedes; Dina Ninette Plotch; Shawn Patrick Murphy
Production Team
Sandra Horowitz; Donald W. Guido; L. Annette Short; Qiang Hua Wang; Craig Saeger; Elaine Kelly; Jessica Scoblick; Lolita Scarinzi; Eric Orenstein; Agim Coma; Josh Oppenheimer; Laurie Pasternack; Kasey Castetler; Kim Adams; Joseph Bozzuti; Melissa E. Hopkins; Amy Nichols; Josh Kuropotkin; Michael Sass; Michael Schor; Scott Tisdale; Jason Arrigo; Gi Lee; Jody Levine; Erin Vestal; Naomi Cohen; Howie Klein; Melinda Kmetz; Jodi Levine; Kate Marsala; Ingrid Michaelson; Nora Rabin; Sean Ryan; Elyse Schrieber; Brendan Rothman-Hicks; Shawn P. Murphy; Jonathan A. Weber; Alvin M. Perdomo; Sara D. Rosenzweig; Ludwig Salazar; Steve Bacci; Tim Branigan; Mate Marsala; Jessica Painter; Carlita Pennaherrera; Carlos Perez; Ritz F. Sanchez; Dayna Smith; Amanda Steinhauser; Camell Villanueva; Michelle Dardashti; Alina Gorodetsky; Stephanie Mazloom; Lars Updale; David Daniel; Steve Burt
Special thanks to Steve Burt (Graphic Artist), Amy Nichols, and Tuthill's. Theatre program support provided through the offices of Senator Thomas W. Libous.
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