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Romeo and Juliet
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Romeo and Juliet
April, 1999
Chamber Hall, Anderson Center, Binghamton University, Harpur College, State University of New York; Binghamton, New York, United States
The classic story of love.
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Jeffrey Bower; Jill Levin; Deric McNish; John Russo; Scott Rodriguez; Greg Samothrakis; Dion Clarke; Rob Taylor; Jason Kaminsky; Maria McMahon; May Nazareno; Adam Huss; Zakiyyah Abdul-Rahiim; Steven Borowka; Dan Broockmann; Eric Narburgh; Matt Dellapina; Sean Lewis; Ray Soto; Micah Chalmer; Lisa Lawless; Laurie Ann Orr; Matthew Moses; Jeff Weber; Dan Minucci; Kerry Bayowitz; Jennifer McGuire; Mama Schwartz; Robert Taylor; Molly Dennison; Laura Mannino; Sarah Wilson; Felicia Hudson
Production Team
Dawn Aleen Wilson; Shannon Lee; Dana Bennett; Lori Horowitz; Howie Klein; Donald W. Guido; Qiang Hua Wang; Rob Dorfman; Jamie Cheatham; Jeff Bower; Dan Broockmann; John Russo; Jeff Weber; Nancy Nadal; Gary Su; Steve Borowka; Geraldo Acevedo; Kristine Hughes; Melissa Almonar; Maija Benjamins; Alec Botnick; Alex Cabraie; Rachel Chacko; Micha Chalmer; Diane Cingel; Johanna Espinal; John Frey; Amber Graham; Ana Hidalgo; Sandra Horowitz; Billie Jeanne Houle; Frank Huang; Melinda Kretz; Ji Lee; Jodi Levine; Amelia LaDolce; Meghan McAsey; Heidi Moraleo; Shawn Murphy; Mariane J. Nicosia; Eric Orenstein; Laurie Ann Orr; Meghan Partridge; Amanda Pasquale; Elizabeth Roach; Scott Rodriguez; Sean Ryan; Dayna Smith; Michael Sorrentino; Edgar Viscioso; Sara Wilson; Linda (Heung Mei) Yeung; Kerry Bayowitz; Laura Casher; Jacqueline Delovich; Lisa Forgione; Andrea Kitson; Jill Levin; Deric McNish; Ingrid Michaelson; Nicholas Olivieri; Jessica Painter; Nora Rabin; Rita Sanchez; Eric Szanto; Jonathan Weber; Margaret Joyce; Sherry Katan; David Kraai; Geniene Krumper; Carlita Pennaherrera; Erika Szanto; Juliette Wertz; Lars Updale; Dan Pardes; Amanda Steinhäuser; Edgar Vicioso; David Manch; Kevin Cohen; Jennifer Schoen
Special thanks to Christina Badini, Binghamton University Ballroom Dance Club, Paul Gordon, Sandra Horowitz, Kevin Oakes, Chris Storjohann, and Jordan White. Photo credit to C. Focht. Matching grants for Theatre Scholarships are provided by Grady Whittenburg.
© Binghamton University Theatre Department
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