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October, 1999
Chamber Hall, Anderson Center, Binghamton University, Harpur College, State University of New York; Binghamton, New York, United States
After Agamemnon was murdered by his wife and her lover, their daughter, Electra, was left as her father's mourner and sworn avenger. This classic drama of a daughter's revenge of her father's murder is presented as one of the artistic centerpieces for Binghamton University's "Homage to Greece: A Celebration of Hellenic Culture."
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Jason Kaminsky; Matthew Dellapina; Robert D. Taylor; Lydia Koniordou; Laurie Ann Orr; Anne Brady; Robert E. Dorfman; Michelle Forde; Felicia J. Hudson; Stephanie Mazloom; Jennifer McGuire; Ingrid Michaelson; Kristin Russo; Kerry Bayowitz; Michelle Dardashti; Laurie Dolph; Amy Szygiel; Marna Schwartz; Dayna Smith; Laura Terruso; Michael Denton; Stephen Gluck; Timothy Perry; Joel Smales
Production Team
Martha Frintzila; Dana Lynn Bennett; Melissa Alamonor; Melanie Fayne; Kirsten Knox; Andrea Lenci; Donald W. Guido; L. Annette Short; Qiang Hua Wang; Craig Saeger; Sam Chianis; Timothy Perry; Elaine Kelly; Matthew Moses; Tom Kremer; Angela Cho; Robert E. Dorfman; Camell Villanvera; Eric S. Orenstein; Lars Updale; Tyler Israel; Melinda Kmetz; James Madden; Neal N. Maffei, III; Blake W. Metzler; Jessica Painter; Nisha Patel; Brendan Rothman-Hicks; Sean Ryan; Alexandra Soble; Amanda Steinhauser; Swapna Thomas; Alec Botnick; Erin Eisenberg; Amber Graham; Sandra Horowitz; Felicia J. Hudson; Kate Marsala; Ingrid Michaelson; Paula Morton; Shawn P. Murphy; Amy Nichols; Maddy Palsky; Karen Raphaeli; Rebecca Rosenstreich; Kristin Russo; Michael Sorrentino; Malitza Velasquez; Edgar Vicioso; Sandra Ramos-Dancy; Helen Green; Juliette Wertz; Micah Chalmer; Edward Monk;
The appearances and participation of our guest artists Lydia Koniordou, Takis Farazis and Martha Frintzila in the production of Electra are supported by the following Greek agencies: Greek Ministry of Culture, Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Greek Consulate General, New York City, Hellenic Tourism Organization, Athens and New York City, Melina Mercouri Foundation, Hellenic Literary and Historical Archive, Alexander S. Onassis Public Benefit Foundation, and Foundation for Hellenic Culture. Theatre program support provided through the offices of Senator Thomas W. Libous. Matching grants for Theatre Scholarships are provided by Grady Whittenburg.
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