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The Bacchae
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The Bacchae
April and May, 1998
Watters Theater, Fine Arts Building, Binghamton University, Harpur College, State University of New York; Binghamton, New York, United States
Greek mythology at its best, this tragedy is stimulating and intense. The bloody rituals that were punishments of resistance to the commands of a new god are portrayed in this graphic story, which will leave you clinging to your seat.
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Yaureli Colon-Pascual; Kelly Ecker; Leslie Koh; Shannon Lee; Melinda McNair; Beren G. Ornstein; Carlita Penaherrera; Maddy Polsky; Randi Szalavetz; Melissa Szymanski; Sarah Wilson; Shawn Patrick Murphy; Daniel Minucci; Brendan Curtin; Brian A. Costello; Jeff Bower; Antonio Pondichi; Jeff Weber; Jesse Steccato; Jill S. Levin
Production Team
Megan Culliton; Donald W. Guido; Daniel Broockmann; Lars Updale; Qiang Hua Wang; Craig Saeger; Elaine Kelly; Victoria Dashti; Timothy Borden; Scott Selmeski; Amanda Pasquale; Marc Solomon; Lori Belkin; Gilbert Banks; Kelly A. Borden; Timothy Branigan; Joyce Brown; Kathleen Brown; Tim Coveney; Yaureli Colon-Pascual; Frank Hung; Krissy Hughes; David Kraai; Jeremy Kraus; Aimee Kushner; Ana Min; Brian Monthie; Brendan C. Meyers; Amy Nichols; Beren G. Ornstein; Laurie Ann Orr; Meghan Partridge; Rita Sanchez; Tracy Shaffer; David Strauss; Dan Sussman; Melissa Szymanski; Sarah Wilson; Dayna Smith; Tom Coveney; Elliot Weiss; Austin Basis; Maija Benjamin; Kevin Cohen; Brian Costello; Kelly Ecker; Billie Jean Houle; Rachel Kennedy; Daniel Minucci; Carlita Penaherrera; Batsheva Katan; Lauren Kotick; Anthony Panfili; Brian T. Carroll; JoLynne Fenger; David Kraai; Lauren Mocharski; Corey Lowney; Paula Morton; Matthew Oster; Scott Rodriguez; Tanika Angrum; Kypros Charalambous; Edgar Vicioso
Special thanks to Brian Hyland, Professor Ken Lindsay, and Susan J. Peters. Presented through special arrangement with all authorized performances materials supplied by Helen Merrill, Ltd., NY. Additional text, music and choreography are contributed by the company. Matching grants for Theatre Scholarships are provided by Grady Whittenburg.
© Binghamton University Theatre Department
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