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Guys and Dolls
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Guys and Dolls
November, 1997
Watters Theater, Fine Arts Building, Binghamton University, Harpur College, State University of New York; Binghamton, New York, United States
Set against the color of New York City's high lights and low life. An entertaining musical fable of love, marriage, and temperance. Based on a story and characters of Damon Runyon.
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Brian A. Costello; Alison Powers; Kevin Reed Cohen; Shannon Lee; Brendan Curtin; Jason Kaminsky; Daniel J. Sussman; Rob Dorfman; John A. Russo; Andrew Lichtenthal; Aimee L. Kushner; Michael Sorrentino; Steven Borowka; Kelly A. Ecker; Amy Szgiel; Arian Evelyn Gaylord; Kimberly Beer; Christine Sarah Bexley; Erin L. Cummings; David Downey; Brooke Allison Kranz; Miriam Kushel; Scott Steven Rodriguez; Jeff Weber; Joshua Zamrycki; SusanJ. Peters; Faye Bohonyi; Robin Ruggiero; Tara Cooper; Jun Suk Byun; Christopher Dulgerian; Kimberly Bard; Jeff Eckstein; Tara Pierson; Dan Donohue; Amy Nichols; Joe LaCagninaess; Brian Kravitz; Melissa Landanno; Patricia Ostrander; Greg Levine; Ted Dembowski; Lisa Khandhar; John Berner; Benjamin Blatt; Brian Matt; Allison Dembeck; Dana West; Keith Kreindler; Brian Turoff; Patrick Beath; Andrew Chang; Ivan Reisberg; Samantha Lansky; Eric Dickler; Brenda Wu; Hal Hsu
Production Team
Jeremy Blayne Kraus; Donald W. Guido; L. Annette Short; Qiang Hua Wang; Elaine Kelly; Craig Saeger; Jeff Eckstein; Victoria Dashti; Jill Levin; Stephen M. Dell’Aversano; Beren G. Ornstein; Randi J. Szalavetz; Marc Breslow; Erica Cangin; Lars Updale; Scott Selmeski; Kelly A. Ecker; André A. Biart; Jodi Weingarte; Dan Broockmann; Jodi Levine; Geraldo Acevedo; Austin Basis; Lawrence Garnier; Mike Kaplan; Daniel Minucci; Hirotoki Takemasa; Meredith Massey; Artemus Tsang; Edgar Vicioso; Melissa Angotti; Willow Cox; Jennifer Flanz; Dana Halber; Billie Jean Houle; Stacie Karp; Laurie Nunziata; Jeff Breshin; Malynda Boyle; Brian T. Carroll; Gismalt A. Ferreiras; Sanyi Gómez; Leslie Peña; Rosanna Quinones; Luis Rodrigues; Margaret K. Swanson; Jamie Wells; Timothy Branigan; Bruce Campbell; Kevin Cohen; Brian A. Costello; Vicky Dashti; Robert Dorfman; Sandra Horowitz; Diana Hui; Ian Kezsbom; Liz Perlin; Antonio Pondichi; Erik Powers; Ophelia Selam; Sanders Watson; Jillian Weiner; Lori Belkin; Maija Benjamins; Thanh Bui; John Frey; Frank Huang; Aimee Kushner; Amanda Pasquale; Bonnie Soloman; Dan Sussman; Erika Szanto; Mehssa Szymanski; Sara Wilson; Tommaso Addona; Rahul Bhalla; Todd Clemence; Roni Sebastion; David Spodek; Jason Stroh; Sean Sweeney; Aaron Thomson; Amy Weick; Anthony Panfili
Presented through special arrangement with and all authorized performance materials are supplied by Music Theatre International. Special thanks to Charles Kakatsakis, Jack Lee, David Skyrca, Stacy A. Newman, Indian Hills Girl Scout Council, Darryl Wood and staff. Matching grants for Theatre Scholarships are provided by Grady Whittenburg.
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