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Breaking The Code
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Breaking The Code
October, 1997
Studio A, Fine Arts Building, Binghamton University, Harpur College, State University of New York; Binghamton, New York, United States
Alan Turing was praised by Winston Churchill for cracking the German code. Enigma, and helping the Allies win World War II. Don't miss this heartbreaking biography of an honorable character led to his doom by a bigoted era.
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Brian Costello; Jeff Weber; Matthew Moses; Amanda Pasquale; Brendan Curtin; Daniel Minucci; Steven Borowka; May Nazareno; Ben Greenberg
Production Team
Allison Hewett; Kevin Reed Cohen; Megan Cuilliton; Donald W. Guido; Elaine Kelly; Craig Saeger; Dan Broockman; Qiang Hua Wang; Lori Belkin; Maija Benjamin; Thann Bui; John Frey; Frank Huang; Aimee Kushner; Laurie Nunziata; Beren Ornstein; Amanda Pasquale; Ophelia Selam; Scott Selmeski; Bonnie Solomon; Dan Sussmen; Erika Santo; Melissa Szymanski; Sarah Wilson; Jennifer Flanz; Yaureli Colon Pascual; Jill Levin; Jodi Weingarten; David Kraai; Blake Metzler; Lars Updale; Brian T. Carrol; Jamie Wells; Austin Basis; Jeff Breshin; Timothy Branigan; Bruce Campbell; Brian Costello; Victoria Dashti; Robert Dorfman; Kelly Eker; Sandra Horowitz; Diana Hui; Ian Kezsborn; Liz Perlin; Antonio Pondichi; Erik Powers; Hiro Takemasz; Jillian Weiner
Sponsored in part with Science Across the Curriculum. Special thanks to Hilton Baxter, Margaret Hilton, Peter Hilton, Wayne Jones, Anna Tanwilson, The International Plastic Modelers Society, Chris Focht, The Salvation Army, and all the parents who support the Theatre.
© Binghamton University Theatre Department
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