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October, 1995
Concert Theater, Anderson Center, Binghamton University, Harpur College, State University of New York; Binghamton, New York, United States
The American Tribal-Love Rock 'n Roll Musical.
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Tanika Angrum; Tricia Alexandro; Lori Beth Belkin; Kara Cabiati; Kevin Cohen; Lisa Cohen; Daniel Donohue; Timothy Downey; Beth Ehrenberg; Mary Faughnan; John Federowicz; Rennica Johnson; Stacie Karp; Janette Kim; Brooke Kranz; Shannon Lee; Diakeim Lyles; Austin Marolla; Curtis McDonald; Jake Miles; Chris Nacinovich; Keri Portnoy; Monica Reed; Jason Rosenberg; David Sanyal; Amy Schneider; Mark Solomon; Richard Tiffany; Susan J. Peters; Elizabeth Coleman; Keri Lukin; Keith Kreindler; Rob Levine; Burt Mueller; Dave Kobayashi; Dennis Castel; Justin Martel; Tony Bottiggi; Phil Eisenberg; Ken Cotrone; Brian Turoff; Marc Appel; Janet Tamai; Jason Isaac; Dan Sieber
Production Team
Donald W. Guido; L. Annette Short; Craig Saeger; Marc Breslow; Wang Qiang Hua; Emily Uddin; Matthew Engelman; Robert Bogovcic; Jonathan Gross; Amy Durant; Lindsay Baloga; Marie Point de Jeur; Shavon Steele; Brigita Visners; Jessie Torres; Derek Chan; Halbert Hsu; Dave Goldstein; Eliza Hsu; Pat McCormack; Dave Riccuiti; Michael Shady; Dennis Shikar; Robert Taylor; Nigel Wiggins; Dave Yaker; Harley Abrevaya; Kimberly Beer; Yaureli Colon-Pascual; Mary Anne Faughnan; Svetlana Finelt; Michael Finkelstein; James Fowler; William Hemmerick; Nancy Kliewer; Tony Panfili; Mike Reeners; Joe Regan; Mike Ritter; Adrienne Sabel; Danielle Castronovo; Andrew Bennett; Nancy Jacobs; Adam Scally; Rachel Binder; Rudy Colon; Beren Ornstein; Jessica Mendoza; Matthew Side; Rebecca Haskel; Mark Breslow; Fernando Clarke; Rebecca Haskel; Elizabeth Coleman; Ed Choi; Eric Dickler
Special thanks to Bruce Borton, Allan Jackson, Ethan Lercher, Lu Natyshak, Jennifer Palumbo, Adam Price, Steve Machlin, Orestes Mihaley, The Wonderful Publications Department, Jonathon Valuckas, John Vestal, Tony Villecco, Diana Webb, and Jordon Wolbrum. The Director would like the thank, "Higgs, R. Weiss, Mary Corsaro, Danita Schiff, George Kurbaba, Lois Welk, Barbara Wolfe for her insight and vision, and especially to the Theatre Department and everyone who I had as a professor while I was a student here." Matching grants for Theatre Scholarships are provided by Grady Whittenburg.
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