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The Threepenny Opera
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The Threepenny Opera
November, 1994
Watters Theater, Fine Arts Building, Binghamton University, Harpur College, State University of New York; Binghamton, New York, United States
"Tonight, by the time this song is sung, you will have witnessed homelessness, a rape, an armed assault, child abuse, and a murder ... In Brecht's world Art could effect change. We all know our world could be improved and we all know not looking doesn't make the prob­ lems go away — unless we continually confront the issues of our times, make hard decisions, and celebrate our humanity. In spite of its often awful personal cost we too may find ourselves living in a world very much like the one we bring you tonight — or the one you could visit tomorrow in Bosnia, Russia, Haiti — or own inner cities..." --- Fred Weiss (Director's Notes)
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Tony Villecco; Rand Schroeder; Gary Colletti; Kara Cabiati; Rick Brody; David Curry; Margaret Anne Lyon; Kevin Laub; Andrew W. Bennett; Brendan Mehaffy; Lisa Danish; Charles Whittel; Richard Tiffany; Mary Anne Faughnan; Melissa Menake; Harley Alexxys Abrevaya; Thea McCartan; Steven Borowka; Heather Coates; Lori Beth Belkin; Elizabeth Creech; James R. Fowler Jr.; Janette Kim; Brooke Kranz; Austin Marolla; Jennifer Miller; Oliver Ord; Ely Rosenberg; Jessica Hebrank; Keri Lukin; Leila Swenson; Adam Price; Naomi Rabinowitz; Rebecca Charnow; John Pisani; Phil Eisenberg; Ken Cotrone; Marc Appel; Janet Tamai; Rob Levine; Maki Mitsui; James Rao; Seth Arum
Production Team
Carrie Manns; Will Hemmerick; Jennifer Palumbo; Saundra Lane Cuyler; Derek Chan; Keith Goldstein; Robert Chabrier; Alex Craig; Dave Goldstein; Dave Greenberg; Hal Hsu; Pat McCormick; Scott Shapiro; Nigel Wiggins; Dave Yaker; Erika Franson; Maki Mitsui, Daniel HoTsai; Rebecca Charnow; Matt Greenzweig; Don Guido; Wang Qiang Hua; Alex Angel; Andrew W. Bennet; Marisol Bonilla; John Buzzetti; Brian Crotty; Kenneth Diaz; James R. Fowler Jr.; Mary Anne Faughnan; Rebecca Haskel; John Hurley; Dwight Kemper; Stephen Loch; Adam Price; Jaron Rubenstein; Larissa Schultz; Jessica Scoblick; Cory Seelye; Melissa Szymanski; Sarindi Tas; Richard Tiffany; Joseph Vaughan; Rebecca Smithmeyer; Sara Boccafola; Tarra Christoff; Samantha Foulk; Nancy Jacobs; Kelly Knapp; Wendy Ren; Jennifer Tenenbaum; Craig Saeger; L. Annette Short; Harley Abrevaya; Danielle Castronovo; Josh Corin; Stephen DellAversano; Amy Durant; Elaine Kelly; Evan Lerner; Thea McCartan; Jennifer Palumbo; Caitlin Steadman; Andrea Wilson; Cheyenne Bowes; Esther Dittler; Stephanie Duncan; Georgette Lopez-Rosario; Christian; Deliah Vazquez; Caroline Aquino; Daniel Brace; Marc Breslow; Grant Jones; Dale Knoth; Eliot Milsky; Erica Cangin; Maxine Clarke; Rudy Colon; Mike Finkelstein; José Graciano; Amy Liang; Haydee Lora; David Luk; Larry Surasky; Brigeta Visners; Jordan Wolbrum; Steve Machlin
English adaptations by Marc Blitzstein. Special thanks to Charity Creech, Allan Jackson, John Vestal, Jane Zuckerman, Caroline Aquino, Jessica Scoblick, Alice Huffman, Dee Schneidman, the parents of Ely, Lily and Lacy, Diana Webb, Bruce Herman of WAAL, Shirley Cothran, Barnes & Nobles of Town Square Mall. Matching grants for theater scholarships are provided by Grady Whiuenburg.
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