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Six Degrees of Separation
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Six Degrees of Separation
February, 1994
Chamber Hall, Anderson Center, Binghamton University, Harpur College, State University of New York; Binghamton, New York, United States
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Lisa Raymond; Jon Valuckas; David Petrolle; Barry Priester; Patrick Rishe; Jennifer Palumbo; Ben Scaccia; Kristen Cerelli; Joe Somodi; Evan Lerner; Richard Tiffany; Michael Finkelstein; Rick Brody; Nick Potenzieri; Heather Coates
Production Team
Cara A. Schaffer; Brian Crotty; Donald W. Guido; Qiang Hua Wang; Rand Schroeder; Terence Bailey; David Belis; Dale Knoth; Adam Scally; Josh Weisman; Leslie Kuhn; Marva Ellington; Carrie Manns; Jessica Scoblick; L. Annette Short; Adam Price; Harley Abrevaya; Andrew W. Bennett; Myrna Hines; Shaun Hutton; Christian Bill; Rebecca Haskel; John Hurley; Grant Jones; Diakeim Lyles; Luann Natyshak; Chris Benjamin
Furniture courtesy of Sofa Works, Endwell, NY. Special thanks to Mr. Ken Lindsay and Shirley Cothran. Matching grants for theater scholarships are provided by Eastern Electronic Devices, Inc.
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