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March, 1993
Chamber Hall, Anderson Center, Binghamton University, Harpur College, State University of New York; Binghamton, New York, United States
Fast moving, bloody, and brilliantly plotted, Macbeth is Shakespeare's compelling anatomy of the motivations, actions and tragic consequences of a “Murder most foul." Guided by the psychic pronouncements of a trio of witches on a stormy Scottish heath and goaded by a dangerously ambitious wife to assert his masculinity, Macbeth succumbs to treacherous betrayal and murder in this final play in the master dramatist’s quartet of great tragedies.
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Lolly Mozersky; Katie D. Boerner; Jane Beingessner; Marc R. Payne; R. J. Tolan; Joey Collins; Brad Morgan; Thomas A. LaChiusa; Allen F. Bagwell; Gregory G. Mitchell; Matt Beckham; Rolando Morales; Janet B. Milstein; Christopher Haas; Matthew Kramer; Tom Holman; Bob Balderson; Kathleen Brennan; Joshua Polenberg
Production Team
Diana Ogas; Bob Balderson; Thomas A. LaChiusa; Donald W. Guido; Qiang Hua Wang; L. Annette Short; Rand Schroeder; Matt Beckham; Tom Holman; Josh Weisman; Elvis Ljumic; Caroline Aquino; Michael Beckman; Brian Crotty; Trish Guokas; Santosh Madahar; Abigail Nesbitt; Megan Quinn; Dimitri Beylis; Damon Ferguson; Michael Kaplan; Carrie Manns; Sarah Nesbitt; Erin Smith; Michael Cothran; Jim Fouler; David Leung; Robert Motta; David Petrolle; Andres Tabares; Joshua Weisman; Michael Spinelli; Chase Gaylord; Kassandra Rozek; Martin Caba; Cindy Jorif; Diane Berardi; Shana Fried; Grant Jones; Laura Happel; Tim Plummer; Dale Knoth; Morgan Orr; John Buzzetti; Katie Boerner; Michael Xavier Kaplan III; Danielle Castronovo; Kristen Cerelli; Paula Henry; Jennifer Goldstein; Carrianna Eurillo; Lysa Hawkins; Myrna Hines; Sara Fogarty; Melissa Archer; Bonnie Siegel; Anna Cody; Rolando Morales; Mary Faughnan; Debbie Schwartzberg; Risa Braunstein; Hayes Bergman; Lisa Raymond; Melissa Jacobs; Shawna White; Kelly Chung; Sophia Hal; Shawn Hulton; Diane Turnbull; Joey Collins; Sarah Charipar
Special thanks to the Tri-Cities Opera for all of their help. Program by Beagle Publishing. Matching grants for theater scholarships are provided by Eastern Electronic Devices, Inc. Funding for selected production activities is provided by the Tioga Central Railroad of Binghamton, NY.
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