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Sweeney Todd
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Sweeney Todd
November, 1993
Concert Theater, Anderson Center, Binghamton University, Harpur College, State University of New York; Binghamton, New York, United States
"There have been at least seven versions of 'Sweeney Todd' since George Dibdin-Pitt’s original melodrama was first performed in 1847 at The Britannia, a London 'Bloodbath' theater whose admirable objective was to stun its audiences with a holocaust of thrills, horrors and shocks. But even before this Sweeney Todd, the legendary and mad barber, was the hero of a 'penny dreadful' (one of the news sheets sold on street corners in Victorian days) and since then for more than a century in England he has become a household word. 'Sweeney Todd will get you if your don’t watch out' has been more than enough to send countless thousands of recalcitrant children scurrying to finish their porridge to jump into bed on time. However, it is not only the children who are haunted by Sweeney Todd. He is the demon, the half-admitted shadowy lodger, who lurks in the back of all our minds. Not a barber to be trifled with. The latest adaptation of this durable story, by Christopher Bond, was performed at the Theatre Royal, Stratford, London in 1973 and, being by far the most expert and the most unnerving, is the version which this musical thriller is based." --- Hugh Wheeler (Author's Note)
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A. Chase Gaylord III; Randall Schroeder; Kara Cabiati; Lisa Raymond; Jon Valuckas; David Petrolle; Lisa Woo; David Curry; Tony Villecco; Joe Ceriello; Rick Brody; Kristen Cerelli; Gary Colletti; Patricia Corwin; Kerry Davis; Stephen DellAversano; Michael Finkelstein; Julie Ganz; Max Goodman; Nancy Kliewer; Diakeim Lyles; Carrie Manns; Vanessa Manuel; Thea McCartan; Nolan McFadden; Melissa Menake; Elissa Miller; Oliver Ord; Nick Potenzieri; Kassie Rozek; Amy Schneider; Greg Sheahan; Eric Shimanoff; Doug Sinclair; David Wiener; Kassandra Rozek; Jennifer Pardes; Lori-Marie Tallman; Heather Van Winkle; Caitlin Stedman; April Tuzman; Beth Binns; Rob Levine; Jessica Kupferberg; Tricia Ryte; Amanda Ryte; Naomi Rabinowitz; Joy Krishnamoorthy; Leila Swenson; Keri Lukin; Carolyn Cue; Alice Huffman; Ken Catrone; Philip Eisenberg; Beth Weisman; Marc Appel; Larry Surasky; Mitchell Katz; Janet Tamai; Jennifer Knoetgen; Maki Mitsui; James Ruo; Mitchell Silver; Rebecca Charnow
Production Team
Erin Smith; John Buzzetti; Brian Crotty; Saundra Cuyler; Eric Shimanoff; Danny Chan; Mike McGovern; Derek Chan; Mike Carasco; Adam Yaker; Davin Cellura; Andrew Kocica; Mike Devinoff; George Brown; Ruben Amarilla; Melissa Millman; Erika Franson; Rebecca Charnow; Matt Greenzweig; Donald W. Guido; Wang Qiang Hua; Oliver Ord; Rand Schroeder; Hayes Bergman; Jinnie Brown; Ellie Cacreres; Shirley Cothran; Ken Diaz; Melody Fensiter; Chase Gaylord; Michael Gill; Dale Knoth; Tracey Lee; Carrie Manns; Jenn Merrow; Salahudin Moulta Ali; Sarah Oakden; Michele Rodriguez; Mitch Tiffany; Nicole Robert; Stevon Forrester; Andrea Foster; Jennifer Goldstein; Janine Gordon; Diakeim Lyles; Debra Orringer; Jessicia Paterno; Lisa Raymond; Audrey Reid; Kassandra Rozek; Sarindi Tas; David Reagan; Chris Nacinovich; Natasha Miles; Josefina Oritz; Sara Boccafola; William Hemmerick; Leslie Kuhn; Joe Chan; Alisande Barnfle; Heather Coates; Marc Isseks; Jill Reisfeld; Louis Ruff; Shavon Steele; Anthony Yip; Jessica Scoblick; L. Annette Short; Cara Schaffer; Caroline Aquino; Josh Weisman; Kim Heron; Sharon Yard; Laura Happel; Angela Kuo; Bonnie Siegel; Jessica Nathan; Andrea Wilson; Ann Beirne; Stephen DellAversano; David Petrolle; Emily Petrolle; Debbie Jaffe; Carianna Eurillo; Danielle Castronova; Claudia Smith; Christian Bill; Grant Jones; Betsy Corbin; Rebecca Haskel; Dan Brace; Robert Braithwait; Robert Chabrier; Jason Wilons; Marsha Richards; Thomas Roome; Jessie Torres; Steve Machlin; LuAnn Natyshak
Special thanks to David Clatworthy, Newark Valley Historical Society, Indian Valley Industries, Barbara Garges, Tri-Cities Opera, Barbara Anne’s House of Wigs, Craig Saeger, David Kuhn, Green Brothers, and Deborah J. Bundy. Matching grants for theater scholarships are provided by Eastern Electronic Devices, Inc. Playbill by Beagle Publishing.
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