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The Heidi Chronicles
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The Heidi Chronicles
April and May, 1993
Chamber Hall, Anderson Center, Binghamton University, Harpur College, State University of New York; Binghamton, New York, United States
A multi-award winner, including the Pulitzer Prize and the Tony Award for best play. The Heidi Chronicles follows the journey of Ms. Heidi Holland from a Chicago high school in 1965 through the challenging and often bewildering decades of the seventies and eighties, when profound changes were taking place in all of our lives Wendy Wasserstein is a writer with astute insight into her times and a great sense of humor - an unbeatable combination.
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Lolly Mozersky; Katie Boerner; Jeremy Greenberg; Thomas LaChiusa; Brad Morgan; Laura Gluckman; Jill Reisfeld; Robyn Kaminer; Denise Duclaux; Lisa Raymond; Michelle Rowley
Production Team
David Sugarman; Dana Goodfriend; Carol Silverberg; Tim Plummer; Josh Weisman; Sara Fogarty; Donald W. Guido; Qiang Hua Wang; Matt Beckham; Tom Holman; Leslie Kuhn; Rand Schroeder; Caroline Aquino; Mike Beckelman; Shirley Cothran; Brian Crotty; Damon Ferguson; Jim Fowler; Trish Guokas; Mike Kaplan; Santosh Madahar; Carrie Manns; Abigail Nesbitt; Sarah Nesbitt; David Petrolle; Meagan Quinn; Erin Smith; Andres Tabares; Josh Weisman; Alexander Contreras; Ginny Hye-Eun Kim; Sanghee Kim; Elvis Ljumic; Andrew Robbins; Kassie Rozek; L. Annette Short; John Buzzetti; Katie Boerner; Myrna Hines; Danielle Castronovo; Diane Berardi; Kristen Cerelli; Shana Fried; Debbie Schwartzberg; Risa Braunstein; Jen Goldstein; Hayes Bergman; Carianna Eurillo; Anna Cody; Lisa Raymond; Paula Henry; Melissa Archer; Bonnie Siegel; Rolando Morales; Shawna White; Sophia Hall; Afua Baidoo; Lysa Hawkins; Morgan Orr; William Munlin; Red Happel; Dale Knoth; Kirk Nichols
Special thanks to Jean Wilson, Hal Nieburg, Marcia Poore, Bridgitte Harvey, Paul Coleman, Lois Happel, Boscov’s, Toys ‘R’ Us, Vincent Williams and Vintage Emporium of Waverly. Scenic projection photography by Chris Focht. Transition montage and art slides by courtesy of Dawn Lamphier. Funding for selected production activities is provided by the Tioga Central Railroad of Binghamton, NY. Matching grants for theater scholarships are provided by Eastern Electronic Devices, Inc. Produced by special arrangement with Dramatists Play Service, Inc.
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