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Les Liaisons Dangereuses
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Les Liaisons Dangereuses
October, 1993
Chamber Hall, Anderson Center, Binghamton University, Harpur College, State University of New York; Binghamton, New York, United States
Based on a novel of same title by Pierre Choderlos de Laclos.
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Lisa Raymond; Carrianna C. Eurillo; Kristen Cerelli; Rafael Landrón; Christopher Nacinovich; Hayes B. Bergman; Elyssa C. Santos-Abrams; Denise Duclaux; Ronit Feinglass; A. Chase Gaylord III; Dorthy Adler; Caitlin M. Stedman; Andrew W. Bennett
Production Team
Rick Brody; Kia Lovell; Qiang Hua Wang; Christian; Jessica Scoblick; L. Annette Short; Kenneth Diaz; Leslie H. Kuhn; Lorie Schleig; Stefanie Warman; Heidi Green; Erin Smith; Adam Price; Kassandra Rozek; Jared Siegel; David Sugarman; Dale Knoth; Florence Felix; Sandy Garcia; Grant Jones; Theatre 103 Class; Caroline Aquino; Ann Beirne; Keli Bowden; Stephen Dellaversano; Melody Fenster; A. Chase Gaylord III; Laura Happel; Kim Heron; Beth Kaplan; Angela Kuo; Diakeim Lyles; Carrie Manns; Jessica Nathan; Sarah Oakden; David Petrolle; Emily Petrolle; Lisa Raymond; Jill Reisfeld; Bonnie Siegel; Josh Weisman; Andrea Wilson; Cara Schafer; Kelly Ann Chung; Shawn Hutton; Hayes Bergman; Jinnie Brown; Shirley Cothran; Brian Crotty; Tracey Lee; Jenn Merrow; Michele Rodriguez; Mitch Tiffany; Michael Gill; Salahudin Moulta Ali; John Buzzetti; Stevon Forrester; Andrea Foster; Jennifer Goldstein; Janie Gordon;
Special thanks to the Theatre 103 class, Professor Jeff Ravel, Mike Boedicker, St. Cyril's Catholic Church, Diana Webb, LuAnn Natyshak, Kassie Rozek, Michele Rodriguez, and David Black. Playbill by Beagle Publishing. Matching grants for theater scholarships are provided by Eastern electronic Devices, Inc., NY.
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