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January, 1992
Chamber Hall, Anderson Center, Binghamton University, Harpur College, State University of New York; Binghamton, New York, United States
After a long career as an actor and director in Northern Ireland, Sam McCreasy joins us to direct Christina Reid's tough, funny, pungent and musical play about a quartet of troubled - and "in trouble" - teenagers adjusting, with what grace and jauntiness they can muster, to the realities of contemporary Belfast life. Irish actress Amanda Hurwitz guest stars in this salute to the arts of Northern Ireland - a salute which American audiences will find to be surprisingly relevant as well as entertaining. Presented by the Department of Theater, State University of New York at Binghamton, as part of the University’s “Northern Ireland: Cultural Counterpoint” arts festival.
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Amanda Hurwitz; Rolando Morales; Martin Anderson; Ann Mooney; Kate Brennan; Alethea Allen; Katie D. Boerner; Risa Braunstein; John Buzzetti; Anna Cody; Robert Kahn; Michael Kaplan; Michael J. Knopf; Michael Passafiume; Lisa Raymond; Saundra Cuyler; Jack Lewis; Brian J. Coffey
Production Team
Brian J. Coffey; Cheryl Thomas; Donald W. Guido; Wang Qiang Hua; John Lavarnway; Kevin Hines; Tim Lock; Michael Wingate; L. Annette Short; Joey Blane; Risa Braunstein; David Petrolle; Debbie Curtis; Marva Ellington; Laura Fiore; James Park; Stefan Muenck; Iris Wong; Leslie Kuhn; Hon Yuen Leong
We gratefully acknowledge the support of The British Council for underwriting the appearance of Amanda Hurwitz and of an anonymous donor for underwriting the director Sam McCready for this performance. Our warmest thanks also go to Aer Lingus for providing trans Atlantic transportation for Ms. Hurwitz to appear in this country, and to Dillenbeck’s Olde Colonial Flowers. Also thanks to George Bennett, The “Extern Organisation,” Belfast, BOCES, Gary’s U-Pull-lt Inc., Florence McCreadv, Belfast, Dennis Smith, Drama Director, Arts Council of Northern Ireland, and the Staff of Chatham House, Belfast. Most of the songs in the play were written by the younq people of Divis Fiats.
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