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A Little Night Music
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A Little Night Music
November, 1992
Concert Theater, Anderson Center, Binghamton University, Harpur College, State University of New York; Binghamton, New York, United States
Twenty years after it burst onto the Broadway Stage to rave notices, major Best Musical awards and enthusiastic audience responses, "A Little Night Music," celebrating both the follies and the glories of love (during a Midsummer Eve frolic at an otherwise sedate Swedish country estate), remains one of composer/lyricist Stephen Sondheim's greatest achievements. Join us as we "Send in the Clowns."
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David Petrolle; Maureen Tye; Lisa Woo; Tony Villecco; Kasey M. Stewart; Jennifer Lynne Weston; Shirley Cothran; Keith Myers; Andrew Tappon; Kassandra Rozek; Gregory G. Mitchell; Kristen Cerelli; Laura C. Gluckman; Donna Hoffberg; Hayes Bergman; Brad Morgan; Bridget Finkenaur; Naeemah Brown; Lisa Raymond; Jennifer Pardes; Beth Binns; Caitlin M. Stedman; Lori-Marie Tallman; Charlene White; Wendy Mittelstadt; Heather M. Van Winkle; Linda Branch; Gayle J. Pollak; Jennifer A. Schaefer; Eric J. Shimanoff; Naja E. Kraus; Amy Sulam; Alexander Feinman; Alice Huffman; Phil Eisenberg; Matthew Mailman; Jennifer A. Bailey; Thomas Mellin; Richard G. Riccomini; Mitch Katz; Larry Surasky; Janet Tamai; Timonthy G. Lock; Brett Klein; Kathie Cheng; Brian Cuykendal; Melissa Figueiredo; Rob Levine; Adam Price; Mitchell Silver; Eddie Guttman
Production Team
Christopher Haas; Cheryl K. Thomas; David Sugarman; John Buzzetti; Hayes Bergman; Eric J. Shimanoff; Danny Chan; John Shank; Derek Chan; Chris Kielbasa; Mitchell Kranes; Colin Lord; Mike McGovern; Mark Trzcinski; Nigel Wiggens; Warren Berey; Rebecca Charnow; Kathie Cheng; Seth Glickman; Melissa Millman; Mitch Silver; Wang Qiang Hua; Mike Beckelman; Ann Beime; Diane Berardi; Hayes Bergman; Laura Black; Danielle Castronovo; Dan Clune; Shirley Cothran; Carrianna Eurillo; Christopher Flower; Sara Fogerty; Shana Fried; Jennifer Goldstein; Patricia Guokas; Mike Kaplan; Dale Knoth; Santosh Madahar; Jennifer Merrow; Rolando Morales; Abigail Nesbitt; Sarah Nesbitt; Sarah Oakden; Olayinka Oluwole; Tim Plummer; Adam Scally; Jessica Scoblick; Bonnie Siegel; Erin Smith; Daniel Tannor; Maria Torres; Joshua Wiesman; Vincent Williams; Trevor Willie; Kimberly Wysoczanski; Matt Beckham; Tom Holman; Rand Schroeder; Nicole Bailey; Dale Blackwood; Mahdy Gittens; Farah Hammoud; Elvis Ljumic; Stephen Martin; Margaret Moran; Brian Sullivan; Josh Weisman; L. Annette Short; Michelle Pointis; Anne Beirne; Katie Boerner; Cathleen Carol; Shelly Clarke; Anna Cody; Michele Cuccia; Trish Guokas; Kim Heron; Jordana Jacobs; Melissa Jacobs; Theresa Juhase; Tim Lock; Lisa Raymond; Diana Turnbull; Shawna White; A.B.; Janine Fiorello; Lisa Hawkins; Anthony Rose; Christian; Clint Bynoe; Antonio Carrion; James Dowdy; Jeanette Flynn; Cindy Jorif; Tricia Lannaman; Patricia Minaya; William Munlin; Kirk Nichols; Brian Funtleyder; Keith Goldstein; Kevin Greenstein; Leslie Kuhn; Tasha Brown; Thoman McMahon; Fuk Tai Jenny Wong; Steve Machlin; LuAnn Natyshak; Grace Han
Special thanks to Boscov’s; Dr. Steve Porter; Jack and Jeanne Dann; Bill and Leah Gorman Bill Dennis, Golf Pro, EnJoie Golf Course; Orlando Ciotoli, Owner, Cider Mill Playhouse; Guido Yaccovelli and the Vestal Steakhouse. Program by Beagle Designs.
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