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The Crucible
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The Crucible
February and March, 1991
Watters Theater, Fine Arts Building, Binghamton University, Harpur College, State University of New York; Binghamton, New York, United States
A gripping, dramatic depiction of the small lies, irrational fears, voodoo and mass hysteria which provided the atmosphere for the Salem Witchcraft Trials - a historic play and a timely parable.
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Katie Boerner; Adam T. Weiner; Adrienne D. Williams; Rebecca Ann Rothstein; Ann Mooney; Talie Melnyk; Thomas A. LaChiusa; Diana Ogas; Kate Brennan; Christopher Haas; Karen Lynne Horn; Marc R. Payne; Jack Lewis; Kirstin Allen; Allen F. Bagwell; Kirk Vichengrad; Tom Holman; Brian J. Coffey; Michael Klein
Production Team
Becky Sanderson; Rolando Morales; Donald W. Guido; Kevin Hines; Christopher Haas; Howard Goldberg; Kirk Vichengrad; Tim Ryan; Monica Blaize; Pat Flanagan; Russell Jaffe; Sue Murphy; Juan Soto; Theater 103 Students; Maribel Cruz; Miguelina Rosario; Hon Yuen Leong; Dana L. Goodfriend; Tara L. Potter; Jennifer Karger; Carlos Blackwood; Robert Cotnoir; Timothy Plummer; Gabriel Walsh; Rich Tackenberg; Marcus Whitehurst; Fernando Clarke; Morgan Orr; Debra Welsh; L. Annette Short; Greg Mitchell; Meredith Brandt; Yvonne Schueh; Hei Shih; Michelle Sullivan; Kim Goldfeder; Rob Flynn; Darlene Forde; Risa Braunstein; Kathleen Rutkowski; Dorinda Silver; Julie Taylor; Elizabeth Saunders; Stephen Gullo; Deon Linch; Chris Delaney; Stephanie Klein; Melissa Levy; Coral Oliver; David Sugarman
Produced with special permission of Dramatists Play Service, Inc., 440 Park Avenue So., New York, NY 10016. Box Office and House Management Services provided by The Anderson Center for the Arts.
© Binghamton University Theatre Department
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