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Man of La Mancha
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Man of La Mancha
November, 1991
Concert Theater, Anderson Center, Binghamton University, Harpur College, State University of New York; Binghamton, New York, United States
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R. Scott DeLuca; David Curry; Thomas A. LaChiusa; Bob Balderson; Michael V. Giometti; Kris Mauter; Stacey Gotkin; David Sugarman; Cyrus Max Perlman; Marc Isseks; Nicholas M. Potenzieri; Pete Palamaro; Kevin Laub; Pete Carucci; Stephanie Courtney; Terri Brockman; Elissa Miller; Leslie H. Kuhn; Kassandra Rozek; Tony Villecco; Lou Smith; Michael Darcy; Patrick Fouche; Jennifer Schaefer; Angie Ahn; Nancy Savastano; Amy Sulam; Joe Lonstein; Alex Feinman; Alice Huffman; Chris Tirro; Matt Mailman; Jennifer Bailey; Gary Horowitz; Mitch Katz; Larry Surasky; Mike Duffy; Adam Barr; Ty Yanonis; Jason Green; Mitch Silver; Larry Cowen; Melissa Figueiredo; Kathie Cheng
Production Team
Tára L. Potter; Cheryl Thomas; Donald W. Guido; Kris Mauter; Niki Cúkor; Christopher Haas; Raymond Abkar; Allan Bagwell; Matt Beckham; Catherine Dowling; Enerst Blake; Cathleen Carroll; Zoë Chlanda; Anna Cody; Rebecca Denk; Michael Duffy; Jennifer Foust; Shana Fried; Aridio Gomez; Deborah Helman; Cindy Jan; Maribel Joa; Michael Kaplan; Brett Krichiver; Tracy Lee; Jennifer McGrath; Ann Mooney; Rolando Morales; Carol Ottey; Brian Sullivan; Gayle Vangrofsky; Justin Yodis; John Lavarnway; Qiang Hua Wang; Marva Ellington; Lou Smith; Michael Darcy; Patrick Fouché; Michelle Pontis; Darryl McFadden; Joseph Belardo; Michael Windgate; Marcus Whitehurst; Morgan Orr; Jose Leon; Jayne Wong; John Cotton; Anna Helnius; Kevin Hines; Timothy Lock; Stephan Muenck; Greg Mitchell; Risa Braunstein; Kelly Ann Chung; Dana Goodfrlend; Angela Goodwin; Trish Guokas; Hon Yuen Leong; Rodney Moore; David Petrolle; David Sugarman; Debbie Welsh; Stephanie Brown; Nicole Gabriel; Janette Aviles; John Buzzetti; Chris Frey; Yolanda White; Mike Braun; Troy Dufek; Mark Berner; George Brown; Din Chan; Mike Cohen; Mitch Kranes; Bob Murphy; John Schwartz; John Shank; Gene Song; Tony Villecco; Kathie Cheng; Melissa Figueiredo; Margaret Koloaziejczyk; Sarah Lee; Joe Lonstein; Sung Moon; Mitch Silver; June Kim
Special thanks to David Clatworthy, John Lavarnway, and John Bielenberg.
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