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Stepping Out
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Stepping Out
April and May, 1990
Cider Mill Playhouse, Endicott, New York
This motley crew of dancers will tap their way Into your heart.
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Laurie Brongo; Sybil Goldenberg; Kimberly Martin-Cotten; Diane North-Arbus; Michelle Pasternak; Karen Rugg; David Darling; Lucille Aranzullo; Elizabeth Glover; Saundra Cuyler
Production Team
Marisa M. Warner; Kimberly J. Jacoby; Andy Blais; David Doepp; Allan Callwood; Desiree Simon; Indra Jairam; Adriana Zamora; Wanda Paulino; Rachael Hiller; Kevin Hines; John Lavarnway; Leah Pike
Special thanks - Ed Cordick, Peyton Hibbitt, Carmen Savoca and Tri-Cities Opera; ANC Heating and Air Conditioning; Jan DeAngelo (for additional recordings) and Saundra Cuyler.
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