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Kiss Me Kate
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Kiss Me Kate
March and April, 1990
Watters Theater, Fine Arts Building, Binghamton University, Harpur College, State University of New York; Binghamton, New York, United States
The merry, melodious and sophisticated back-stage musical.
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Steven Files; Kirk Todd Vichengrad; Stephanie A. Courtney; Joshua Polenberg; Deborah A. Gecewicz; Karen Smolarsky; Howard Goldberg; Adam Resnick; Alberto Sanchez; Danny Tannor; Rob Flynn; Andrew J. Chervak; J. Scott Sanpietro; Jan DeAngelo; Carrianna C. Eurillo; Kimberly Green; Neil Morris; Danna Alderman; Jeni Siepierski; Regina Rizzi; Risa Braunstein; Sharon Elyse Getlen; Rachael Hiller; Jung H. Lee; Kate Babroski; Joanna Blane; Melissa Kelley; Morgan Lance; Sarah L. Oakden; Dina Naples; Shannon Marie Roma; Caryn Schechter; Chris Tedesco; Angela Comprone; Melissa Levy; Angie Ahn; K. Sabine Bailey; Cheryl Rabin; Janet Caracclolo; Michele S. Dumoff; Cathy Kurke; Joseph Lonstein; Maria Sapienza; Amy Sulam; Brad Astrowsky; Michael Newmark; Amy Ring; Angela Young; Alex Frank; Jason Maneva; Timothy Peterson; Chris Tirro; Jennifer Bailey; Gary Horowitz; Michael Devine; Paul DeMartino; David M. Ascher; Kevin M. Greenstein; Eddie Guttman; Ted Kamp; John E. Lengyel; Michael Sobel; Larry Cowan
Production Team
Peter Thomas Kahle II; Kerrie J. Lanigan; Donald W. Guido; Chris Delaney; Brian Coffey; Len Duckman; Wang Qiang-Hua; Andrew Chervak; Julia Harmon; Tom Larson; Becky Sanderson; Nina Zapnett; Students in Theater 103/Technical Production; Kathleen Adams; Michelle Caplan; David Derfler; Sherri Gordon; Leah Pike; Jennifer Primus; Jayne Wong; Anne Marie Zullo; Tracy Albers; Reginald Canal; Fernando Clarke; James Cohen; Asuncion Cummings; Terri Ferguson; Kelli Kinsey; Kelly Minus; Kirk Vichengrad; Kim Goldfeder; Robin Libenson; Patrick Williams; Allen Callwood; Maribel Joa; Dana Goodfriend; Kristen Mauter; Carolyn Slesinski; Penelope Vavura; Jennifer Karger; Hon Yuen Leon; Jacques Saif; Myoshi Abel-Nickerson; Karen Horn; Stacey Eichel; Joshua Polenberg; L. Annette Short; Doug Stoveland; Kirsten Allen; Jim Sharpies; Victor Williams; Marilyn Andres; Michele Cuccia; Jodi Don; Kim Green; Desiree Simon; Paul Zumbo; Kelly Donnelly; Beth Stein; Paul Furedi; Lisa Schneider; Michael Braun; Michael Frontera; Mary Lindner; Michael Abata; David Berkowitz; Christian Canon; Dennis Carletta; Tony Dufek; Thomas Rodman; Richard Rosenbaum; Johnny Salcedo; David Ascher; Lisa DeSiro; Kevin Greenstein; Eddie Guttman; June Kim; Sung Moon; Dina Sonnenberg
Special thanks to Jan and Shannon DeAngelo for their assistance to the choreographer and to Department of Theater, SUCO, Oswego. Box Office and House Management Services Courtesy of The Anderson Center for the Arts. "Kiss Me Kate" is produced by arrangement with, and the music and dialogue material furnished by Tams-Witmark Music Library, Inc., 560 Lexington Avenue, New York, NY 10022.
© Binghamton University Theatre Department
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