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Little Shop of Horrors
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Little Shop of Horrors
October and November, 1990
Watters Theater, Fine Arts Building, Binghamton University, Harpur College, State University of New York; Binghamton, New York, United States
"Little Shop of Horrors" was originally directed by Howard Ashman with musical staging by Edie Cowan. Originally produced at the Orpheum Theatre, New York City, by the WPA Theatre (Kyle Renick, Producing Director), David Geffen, Cameron Mackintosh and the Shubert Organization.
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Joey Blane; Debbie Gecewicz; Lori Pepe; William B. Kahn; Kim Goldfeder; Thomas H. Doyle; Rob Flynn; Joseph L. Cohen, Jr.; Kristopher E. Ahrend; Susan J. Peters; Eddie Guttman; Raquel Lazar-Paley; Paul Thompson; Alex Frank; Ted Kamp; Mike Sobel; David Fitzhugh; Anthony Pozen
Production Team
Peter Thomas Kahle II; Sharon Elyse Getlen; Jennifer Siepierski; Tara Potter; Donald W. Guido; Kevin Hines; Christopher Haas; David Sugarman; Patrick Abikarram; Risa Braunstein; Michelle Caplan; Andy Chervak; Beth Fenstemacher; Rosette Figueroa; Rob Flynn; Timothy lock; Sergio Non; Wilfredo Roman; Felix Rosario; Irene Rynders; Juan Soto; Gabe Walsh; David Watson; Theater 103 Students; John Buzzetti; Steve Fediuk; Jennifer Goldstein; Lisa Karp; Michelle Pointis; Maria Torres; Coral Oliver; Hon Yuen Leong; Dana Goodfriend; Anthony Cigna; Robert C. Cotnoir; Jennifer Karger; Allen Callwood; Chad Edwards; Zarin Fadlv-Deen; Joseph Lonstein; Regina Manasseh; Mike McGovern; Penelope Vavura; L. Annette Short; Linda Morin; Greg Mitchell; Joey Blane; Fernando Clarke; Michele Cuccia; Kim Goldfeder; Peter Kahle; Grace King; Joe Kowan; Shelly Perry; Cristy Rollins; Roberto Santiago; Cheryl Thomas; Jayne Wong; John Talavera; Stefan Muenck; Michael Braun; Michael Frontera; Christian Canon; Dennis Carletta; Troy Dufek; Tom Rodman; Johnny Salcedo; Amy Sulam; Julie Taylor; Michael Anzelowitz; David Ascher; Lisa DeSiro; Heather Hewitt; June Kim; Raquel Lazar-Paley; Matt Lebofsky; Sarah Lee; David Merritt; Sung Moon; Dina Sonnenberg
Dr. Robert Teuchtler, Dr. Frederick Johnson, Pipe Dream, John Lavarnway. Audrey II was designed by Martin P. Robinson of New York City and constructed by Ann Carnaby of Hampton, New Hampshire. "Little Shop of Horrors" is produced with special permission of Samuel French, Inc., 45 W. 25th St. New York, NY 10010.
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