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What Every Woman Knows
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What Every Woman Knows
April, 1988
Chamber Hall, Anderson Center, Binghamton University, Harpur College, State University of New York; Binghamton, New York, United States
Warm, witty and elegantly styled comedy.
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Andrew J. Daly; Jeffrey Gardner; Peter McDermott; Denise Hernandez; Douglas P. Stoveland; Colleen Shea; Theresa A. Riccobono; Brian Neil Tobin; Stacey Agin; Jason Brookner; Angel Chico; Sherry Eichenbaum; Helena Fowler; Debbie Gecewicz; Jeanmarie Georgiano; George Henein; Seth Jarrett; Robert Jorgensen; Peter T. Kahle III; Marc S. Kerachsky; Augie P. LaTorre Jr.; Steven Lowery; D. J. Mahar; David Mahl; Daniel J. Nacarato; Ada Pla; Brian Polhill; Linda Rojas; Janet H. Weinstein
Production Team
Sherry Acord; Leah Pike; Donald W. Guido; Wang Qiang Hua; Timothy Horn; Kate Ambrosini; Lynn Kennedy; Mary Ellen Durfee; Jodi Cox; Sue Thomas; Meredith Schuman; Elizabeth Alper; Debbie Patter; Marie Jasmin; Wendy Kesh; Robert Jorgensen; Maria de los Reyes; Alessandra Ravetti; George Robert DaSilva; Victor Martinez; Lydia Radziul; Kenji Larsen; Andrew Daly; Bruce Campbell; Victoria Hernandez; Don Matthews; Marjorie Kays; Dae Young Kim; Rodney Brutt; Laura Danielo; Lisa Muff; Edwin Tapia; Linh Trinh; Leilani Dumlao; Young Kim; John Lavarnway; Jennifer Premus; Kariem Amatullah; Raymond Franco; Jennifer Scofield; Augie La Torre; Ada Pla; Angel Chico; George Henein; David Mahl; Jerome Adams; Robin Libenson; Grant Kenji Larsen; Drew Halasz; Eric McCord; Samantha Casanova; Johnney Blount-Wasserman; L. Annette Short; Christina DeGaetano; Tiffany Roberts; Nicole Washington; Tracey Richardson; Jeanmarie Georgiano; Peter Kahle; Steve Lowery; Daniel Nacarato; Sherry Eichenbaum; Dorothy Nye; Kate Valgenti; Erika Verrill; Adrienne Thomas; Wanda Long; Theresa Riccobono; Pam Butler; Lisa Gurman; Rachel Benjamin; Marguerite Lutton; Anne Marie Convertino; Marlene Eichholz; Barbara Gopstein; Julia Yee; Anita Casella; Sheri Fuchs; Vanina Gonzalez; Gary Kibel; Alan Koffler; Erica Liu; Michael Weiss; Vi Bielenberg; Gary Pedro; Mildred Portela; Selina Wong; Amy Anderson; Wilhelm F. Nicolaisen; Kathleen Colligan
Special thanks to Diane Gervais.
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