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Dance '88 - In Step, In Time
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Dance '88 - In Step, In Time
March, 1988
Concert Theater, Anderson Center, Binghamton University, Harpur College, State University of New York; Binghamton, New York, United States
An evening of jazz, ethnic, modem and baroque dance.
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Patricia A. Cea; Lizz DeVivo; Susan Jackson; Susan Lowe; Katie Teuchtler; Julie Anna Rapoport; James Gomez; Joseph E. Ohmer; Pat P. Raslle; Electra Canellas; Joel Levy; Hector S. Valentin; Susan Mintz; Ada Pla; Tracy Richardson; Luis Santana; Nicole E. Corron; Leslie Pearlman; Joanne Rooney; Faith Scarinzi; Esther Williams; Janette Avilés; Tracy Banks; Debra Jack; Adam Resnick; Hilary Storm; Geetha Sharma; Hector Valentin
Production Team
Trudy Cobb Dennard; Julia K. Gleich; Myoshi Able, Reyna Eisenstack; Donald W. Guido; John Eloy Vestal; Gil Chachkes; Deborah D. Peretz; Raymond Priddy; Emily L, Kaufman; Bruce Campbell; Eric Miller; Brian Fauls; Kevin Moten; Marty Winter; Christina DeGaetano; L. Annette Short; Dorothy Nye; Theresa Riccobono; Jennifer Scofield; Adrienne Thomas; Kate Valgenti; Erika Verrill; Rodney Bruff; Elizabeth Alper; Gale Smith; LeiLani DumLao; George Henein; Angelete Hutchinson; Christine LaRocque; Brian Studwell; Raymond Franco; Luis M. Gonzalez; Tony Rivera; Lisa Yen; Marguerite Lutton; Anne Marie Convertino; Marlene Elchholz; Barbara Gopstein; Julia Yee; Anita Casella; Sheri Fuchs; Vanina Gonzalez; Gary Kibel; Alan Koffler; Erica Liu; Michael Weiss; Vi Bielenberg; Gary Pedro; Mildred Portela; Selina Wong; Amy Anderson
Special thanks to Joe Ebert, Jacqueline Britton, Keith Scott, Ben Dennard, Morris, and Dawn Hoffberg. Costumes for "...hat..." are based upon original design by Pamela Robertson. Costumes for "Wage Peace" are based upon original design by Pamela Robertson.
© Binghamton University Theatre Department
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