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The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940
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The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940
October, 1988
Cider Mill Playhouse, Endicott, New York
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Sarah Keough; Janet Normile; Louis Siegel; Paul Klementowicz; Kirk Jackson; Carol Hanscom; Tom Beyer; Teresa Bartoli; Richard G. Smith; Noni Smith; Rob Cali; Jesse Ernst; David Howland
Production Team
Don Guido; Penny Powell; Bruce Campbell; Sally Morgan; Anne E. Healy; Kevin Hines; John Lavarnway; Robin Libenson; Drew Halasz; Raymond Priddy; Edward Lucas; Andy Blais; Steve Beach; Louis Siegel; Theresa Riccobono; Lisa Rodgers; Natasha Muckova; Leah Pike; Kim Jacoby; Lydia Radzivl; Rachel Kramer; John Lavarnway; Nicola Weiner; Sherry Eichenbaum; Deborah DeSantos; Janice Shuttler; Amy Anderson; David Larson
Special thanks to Phil Conole; Especially for You, 304 Clinton St., Binghamton; McNeil Music, 4517 Old Vestal Rd., Binghamton; Baran's Antique Center, 173 Clinton St., Binghamton; For Your Listening Pleasure, 368 Clinton St., Binghamton; Cattle Baron Antiques, 174 Clinton St., Binghamton. Produced by special arrangement with Dramatists Play Service, Inc.
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