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The Middle Ages
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The Middle Ages
April, 1987
Cider Mill Playhouse, Endicott, New York
A bright, warm hilarious portrait of a free-spirited young man, seen at various points in his life, whose zany individuality is contrasted against the stodgy country-club background he is determined to escape.
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Tom Kremer; Carol Hanscom; John E. Bielenberg; Janet Normile
Production Team
Ingrid From; Amy Roth; Penny Powell; Laura Aswad; Ellen Fishman; Jocelyn Cramer; Matthew Pepper; Jody Darrow; Nina Minton; Robin Oakes; Christina DeGaetano; Carmen Erskine; Marjorie Klinghoffer; Lau Rene Manuel; Lolita Scarinzi; Nicole Washington; Tracy Wong; Dean Sheriff; David Kim
Special thanks to NAVY Recruiting Office of Binghamton; the University Health Service; Hand of Man & River Row Cafe, Owego; Hearth & Patio Front St., Binghamton; Al Lewis Taxidermy; Professor Harry Lincoln; Binghamton High School; Sally Morgan; Mara Zuckerman; Steve McMillan; Liz Rowell; Joe Ohmer; Lisa Pullano; Sandi Karidas; Kim Martin-Cotten; Phil Conole.
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