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The Hunting of the Snark
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The Hunting of the Snark
February and March, 1986
Chamber Hall, Anderson Center, Binghamton University, Harpur College, State University of New York; Binghamton, New York, United States
An adaptation for the stage of the Lewis Carroll nonsense poem "The Hunting of the Snark."
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Jan DeAngelo; Michele Lang; Stephen J. McMillan; Scott James Whitney; David S. Rauchwarg; Kelli Bocock; Chris E. Nickerson; Madeline Brennan; Tom Beyer; Maggie B. Sennish; Ginger D. Schroder; Leslie Karen Fear; Mindy A. Flatow; Amelia Eisch; Janet Taggart; Michael Gulotty; Aliki Nichola; Glen David Hirshon; Kathleen Lewis; Kara Sloat; Shari Bacharach; Shari Bessen; Laura L. Habicht; Neil Steiner; Craig Seidler; Marc Feldman; Jeff Gardiner; John Carey; William Petley; Michelle Colletti; Susan Peters; Teresea Esposito; Keith Hurd
Production Team
Elizabeth V. Martin; Susan J. Weeks; Donald W. Guido; Ben Anderson; Dan Bauer; Jason Gerald; Anne Lishner; Scene Design Workshop; Theater 103; Theater 344; James Bell; Mary Beth Far; Jennifer Hochstein; Humberto Lizardo; Andy Horowitz; Debora Newberger; Stuart Hurowitz; Debby Geller; Joe Ohmer; Wayne Bennett; Raymond Gaspari; Hina F. Minton; Brian Studwell; Michael Fix; Danny Gottschall; Jason Hack; Regina Hartley; Greg O’Brien; L. Annette Short; Victoria Lillich; Lisa Rosen; Christina de Gaetano; Barbara Thorick; Judy Tom; Christopher Glasgow; Sue Ann Park; Mark Cedar; Christopher Winter; Theater 291K; Teresea Esposito; Keith Hurd; Jordan D. Alexander; Moira Dickens; Theresa Mahoney; Andy Robbins; Catherine Thomas; Stacy Turner; Patricia Vaccarino; Bruce M. Weissman; Saundra Daniel-Cuyler; Wendy Dackson; Vi Bielenberg; Alice M. Grasso
A special thanks to John E. Bielenberg, Don Boros, George E. Wellwarth; Johanna Kemmeren, Pavlof Michaelides, Fred Meliert, Marta Shliselberg, Anne K. Wallace, Michelle Kerty.
© Binghamton University Theatre Department
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