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Terra Nova
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Terra Nova
September, 1986
Chamber Hall, Anderson Center, Binghamton University, Harpur College, State University of New York; Binghamton, New York, United States
The vast sweep and personalities of the ill-fated Antarctic expedition of Robert Falcon Scott are ingeniously captured in this compelling study of heroism in the face of bitter failure. The fascinating free-form play challenges theatergoers.
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Steve Weiss; Jan DeAngelo; Reneta Cuff; Andrew Daly; Ron West; Steven Wayne Koren; David Kim
Production Team
Tom Beyer; Donald W. Guido; Karl Browne; Sam Hofferbert; Jody Persky; Kelly L. LaCoe; Theater 103 Students; Aaron Copp; Karen Gross; Debby Geller; Chris Glasgow; Guido Lebron; Michael Fix; Ron West; Brian Studwell; Jocelyn Cramer; Donna Bolson; Dawn Hoffberg; Gregg Rochman; DeeAnn Wier; Luciana Fusco; Caitlin Ewing; James Ehmke; Tina DeGaetano; Lolita Scarinzi; Nicole Washington; Kelli Bocock; Judy Zirin; Marta Shliselberg; Michelle Manning; Kim Harrison; Jay Herring; Maritza Matias; Saundra Daniel Cuyler; Suzanne Brown; David Berrang; Mildred Portelo; Michael Jendrysik; Vi Bielenberg; Tim O’Sullivan; Sherri DeFurio; Margo Schnur; Barrie Speigel; Lois Probe; Clint Moon; Liz Rowell
Kelley Surgical Company; Geography Department, SUNY-Binghamton; Art Department, SUNY-Binghamton; Roberson Center for the Arts and Sciences; Broome Community College Civil Technology Department; Eureka Camping Center.
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