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Guys and Dolls
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Guys and Dolls
July and August, 1986
Cider Mill Playhouse, Endicott, New York
Delightful characters, wonderful songs make this one of America's most loved musicals.
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Claus Evans; Jan DeAngelo; Chris E. Nickerson; Madeline Brennan; Lucille Aranzullo; Bernie Stento; Tim Mollen; David Kim; Todd Wronski; Don Atkinson; Joseph Karp; Jerri Harris; Paul Clark; Frank Boreffi; Michael Brooks; Michele Sherry Stadler; Penny Powell; Greg O'Brien; Joseph E. Ohmer; Lisa Kande Culver; Leslie Karen Fear; Rachel Sterling; Katie Teuchtler
Production Team
Christopher Glasgow; Orestes Mihaly; Aaron Copp; Ben Anderson; Debbie Kane; Maritza Matias; Rachel Sterling
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