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March, 1985
Watters Theater, Fine Arts Building, Binghamton University, Harpur College, State University of New York; Binghamton, New York, United States
A fantasy love story that weaves drama, dance, and memorable melodies into a bright, lavish fabric of enchantment.
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Raymond J. Gaspari; Madeline Brennan; Patrick McGuinness; Jill Hertz; Joseph Karp; Scott James Whitney; Bill Nicolaisen; Maggie Sennish; Alan Naggar; Jordan Pankin; Bridget K. Brown; Douglas McClemont; Kevin Hines; Faith Scarinzi; Steven W. Koren; John Winter; Joseph Buck; Birgit Nicolaisen; Judy Calem; Danna Davis; Sheri L. Lustig; Teresa C. Rzeznik; DeeAnn Weir; Lisa Zimmer; Neil Berg; Tom Beyer; Ira Dym; Christopher Glasgow; John A. Vlahides; Denise Wendy Adoff; Dena Kellermann; Ginger D. Schroder; Lisa Tolchin; Robert Ludwig; Bill Magaliff; Barry G. Margolis; Gregory O’Brien; Mark O’Byrne; Rene Tedesco; Mindy Flatow; Debbie Strauser; Matt Devane; Alicia Smythe; Karen Kriswalus; Christine Stamm; Shari Fineman; Lisa Spar; Elizabeth Dick; Helen Yakin; Suzanne McDougall; Arno Sokk; Josh Davidson; Sarah Chianese; Charlie Manna; Neil Steiner; Craig Seidler; Andy Taylor; John Carey; Michelle Colletti; Steve Grosmark; Debbie Cohen; Claire Blondeau; Keith Hurd
Production Team
Elizabeth V. Martin; Leslie Fear; Amy Morton; Donald W. Guido; Thomas R. Wilson, Jr.; Amy Persky; Jim Hagget; Henry Hogue; Theresa McKenzie; Chris Nickerson; Josh Rothenberg; Theater 103 Class; Theater 344 Class; Mike Nagler; Joe Schwarz; Ronald Stern; Steve Park; Robin Schneider; Naomi Kranzer; Jennifer Hochstein; Deborah Peretz; Chris Claro; Barry Margolis; Carolyn Policclla; Judy Zurin; Theater 241 Class; Allyson Glazer; Patrick Presley; Juan H. Reed; Mark Warring; Jon Tolpin; Anne Lishner; Rick Jaen; Randy Adelson; Gil Chackes; Chartes White; Michael G. Fix; Ellen G. Fishman; John Lavarnway; Lorraine Ballentine; Carrie Gordan; Denise Hernandez; Gail Hodes; Lori Kuzma; Robin O’Leary; Shelia Rhodes; Sandra Washington; Debbie Cohen; Keith Hurd; Scott James Whitney; Betty Lou Ingham; Dave Ripic; Teresa Esposito; Woolsey Ackerman; Clair Blondeau; Dena DeRose; Susan J. Peters; Janet Taggart; Rene Tedesco; John Calhoun; Evan Cwass; Erin Emires; Monique Godding; Scott Hawley; Pal McGuinness; Lydia Zamm; Jeff Zomback; Sue Ann Park; Bill Nicolaisen; Chris Focht; Jordan Pankin; Jennifer Fuchel; Madeleine Adler; Lisa Clark; Vi Bielenberg; Jerry Beirly; Mary Anne Hallacy; Tracy Lee; Steve Weiss
Malabar Costumes, LTD. of Toronto; Tri-Cities Opera; Roberson Center for the Arts and Sciences; Dick’s Sporting Goods; Harris G. Thor; Starbuck Diner, Martin’s Photography Center; Samuel Hofferbert; Coca-Cola Bottling Company, Binghamton; Birgit Nicolaisen; O. Mihaly; David Clatworthy; Boscov’s; Jim Reese; George Reese; Montgomery Ward.
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