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Dance: Journey Through the Secret Life of Plants
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Dance: Journey Through the Secret Life of Plants
November, 1984
Watters Theater, Fine Arts Building, Binghamton University, Harpur College, State University of New York; Binghamton, New York, United States
Stevie Wonder's biend of classical, jazz, and African music forms with the contemporary will be explored and developed by choreographer Trudy Cobb for an exciting evening of dance.
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Trudy D. Cobb; Cassandra Washington; Ahn-Yuet Lee; Lisa M. Grier; Carolyn Izzo; Jeorge Kabah; Joseph Karp; Gregory O'Brien; Jeanne Wells; Laurie M. Dean; Cameron Feldman; Carrie Gordon; Andrew Horowitz; Jean S. Kalick; Maritza I. Matias; Faith Scarinzi; The Company
Production Team
Debby Geller; Larry Farkas; Susan Rinaldi; Debbie Feretz; DeeAnn Weir; Adam Flint; Anne Lishner; Susan Reed; Steve Park; Susan Blake; Kim Harrison; Rodney Harp; Zoe Bloom; Cassandra Washington; Rita Miraglia; Scott Spector; Lorraine Ballentine; Teresa Bartoli; Elise Gold; Vonda Henry; Robin Oakes; Lorri Tipton; Judy Tom; Haney Hendler; Hillary Grainey; Carrie Gordon; Ronda Mackland; Pamela Parker; Jennifer Fuchel; Madeleine Abler; Lisa Clark; Vi Bielenberg; Mary Anne Hallacy; Rojeanne Liu; Carolyn Proulx; Virginia Robinson
Funding for the research and development of this program sponsored by the SUHY Foundation through a Summer Faculty Research Award. Special thanks to the Sponsored Program Development Office, the Sponsored Funds Office, Educational Communications, Dean David M. Gitlitz, and Arthur Lynn Williams.
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