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Old Times
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Old Times
November, 1984
Studio I, Binghamton University, Harpur College, State University of New York; Binghamton, New York, United States
Harold Pinter's unique play blends time and relationships into an intense, often funny piece of theater. Past events, viewed by different eyes, take on a life of their own as three people meet after a separation of twenty years. Comedy, drama, and ambiguity are all combined in one of Pinter's finest plays.
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Bruce Barney; Julia Carr; Maria Manzano
Production Team
Karen S. Friedman; Douglas McClemont; Don W. Guido; Eric Wikstrom; Amy S. Persky; Theater 103 Students; Andrew Daily; Deborah Peretz; Terri Rzeznik; Lorraine Ballentine; Lorri Tipton; Teresa Bartoli; Elise Gold; Robin Oakes; Jennifer Fuchel; Madeleine Abler; Lisa Clark; Vi Bielenberg; Lori Baird; Mary Anne Hallacy; Rojeanne Liu; Carolyn Proulx; Virginia Robinson
Furniture courtesy of Kroehler Manufacturing Company of Binghamton. Inc, and Rodger K. Sherman.
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