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Dance: Choreographix II
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Dance: Choreographix II
March and April, 1984
Watters Theater, Fine Arts Building, Binghamton University, Harpur College, State University of New York; Binghamton, New York, United States
Modern, jazz, and ethnic dance unite in a rich combination of choreographic premieres. An evening of color and motion created by faculty and student choreographers that promises to excite and entertain.
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Scott Anderson; Wendy Berman; Danielle Claro; Jill Castro; Sharon Eddy; Joe Karp; Ahn-Yuet Lee; Gregory O'Brien; Michael Rotolo; Anne Schafer; Edward D. Shapiro; Linda Nutter; Andrew Horowitz; Eric Lustgarten; Karen Beauter; Melinda E. Glenn; Dena Kellerman; Loreen Korsmier; Caryn Binder; Ellen Greenfield; Tracey Harris; Maritza Matias; Tamar Taiz; Karen Getz; Philip Hamilton; Carolyn Izzo
Production Team
Debby Geller; Sharon Brown; Jill Castro; Michael Greene; Paul Klementowicz; Chris Focht; Jay Herring; John Eloy Vestal; Frank Avellino; Doug McClemont; Juan Reed; Teri Rzeznik; Deeann Weir; Irene Moore; Aileen Parker; Beth Krushnic; Trudy D. Cobb; Ann Braden; Janet Crystal; Vi Bielenberg; Tish Gordon; Mary Anne Hallacy; Margaret McIntyre; William Modic; Carolyn Proulx
Special thanks to Harpur Dance Ensemble, Allan S. Jackson, Richard C. Smith; Eunice Goundrey.
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