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February and March, 1984
Watters Theater, Fine Arts Building, Binghamton University, Harpur College, State University of New York; Binghamton, New York, United States
Based on the Play by John VanDruten and Stories by Christopher Isherwood. "Cabaret" is both an engaging plot musical and a spectacular cabaret entertainment of a kind you might have seen in Berlin just before Germany turned to Nazism. On the surface it appears bawdy, frivolous, titllating, raucous, glittering, and frenzied, and in the cabaret sequences it is all this and more. But the story scenes show us a contrasting vision - the destruction of personal lives and values by the growing menace of Nazi power. "Cabaret" is one of the great musicals of the American stage.
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Edward D. Shapiro; Jamie Cheatham; Mark Bader; Andy Horowitz; Garret Lambert; Robin Gralnick; Nancy Hendler; Avi Landau; Regina Hartley; Karen Getz; Maria Hoffman; Hal Shoemaker; Scott Silver; Scott Berkowitz; Wendy Berman; Danielle Druery; Chris Nickerson; Robert Chasin; Scott Anderson; Joseph Karp; Orestes Joseph Mihaly, Jr.; Greg O'Brien; Mark R. Steinwachs; Kathy Apfel; Danielle Claro; Christine Fales; Diana Petralia; Denise Adoff; Michael Menichiello; Carolyn Izzo; Rochelle Price; Kelli Bocock; Ginger Schroder; Jan Woiler; Matthew Shale; Greg Kallaur; Susan Weinman; Sandra Syendi; Adam Flint; Barbara Selsky; Alicia Kelly; Elyse Dranoff; Patti Kelly; Sharon Eberle; Jerald Seti; Jay Jermyn; Susan McDougall; Andy Robbie; Nina Minton; Arno Sokk; Josh Davidson; Charlie Manna; Neil Steiner; Jim Dalpiaz; Liz Elle; John Carey; AI Cron; David Howland; Paul Kolodny; Debbie Cohen; Josh Weinstein; Michael Knipp; Christine Stamm
Production Team
Debbie Kane; Cynthia Denise Began; Alison Zimet; Wendy Berman; Danielle Druery; Debbie Cohen; Jerald Seti; Jan Woiler; Elizabeth V. Martin; Karlyn Knopp; Woolsey Ackerman; Scott Berkowitz; Josh Weinstein; Matthew Shale; Laurie Lynn; Rebecca Abrookin; Janet DeNicola; Scott Hawley; Reneta Cuff; Andrew Kovar; Lisa Contillo; Patrick Pagano; Betty Ingham; Deborah Ross; Suzie Hava; Pat Spinello; Greg Voce; Barbara Caroll; Don Guido; Michael Nagle; Richard Lynch; Lois Probe; Tava Biser; Ann Turner; Shari Lustig; Lynn Bressar; Nina Lotarono; Peter Wzallin; Angel Verdejo; Amy Rosenfeld; Nancy Hendler; Mark Roth; Karen Ferguson; Theater 103 students; Dan Spectar; Bennet Liebar; Theresa Rezeznik; Angela Carroll; Judy Kline; Liza Chasin; Ken Grudens; Tana Grey; Barry Margolis; Sharon Brown; Chris Claro; Scott Kephart; Gary Mann; Juan Reed; Dee Ann Weir; Robin J. Spiegelman; Cheryl Eller; Susan Berch; Lisa Goldberg; Beverly Rauchwarg; Beverly Purcell; Therese McKenzie; Alexander Pancic; Lucille Aranzullo; Barbara Thorick; Teresa Bartoli; Chris Eller; Doug Baloy; Autumn Lido; Alyson Weiner; Janina Shoemaker; Jay Herring; Angie Ostacher; Debbie Spiegelman; Adam Speregen; Sam Hofferbert; Fred Mallert; Janet Crystal; Vi Bielenberg; Tish Gordon; Mary Anne Hallacy; Margaret McIntyre; William Modic; Carolyn Proulx
Malabar Costumes, LTD. of Toronto. Music Department, SUNY-Binghamton, Tri-Cities Opera.
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