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You Never Can Tell
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You Never Can Tell
November, 1983
Watters Theater, Fine Arts Building, Binghamton University, Harpur College, State University of New York; Binghamton, New York, United States
Set in a fashionable English seaside resort, "You Never Can Tell" is a marvelously crafted model of form and fun by one of Britain's greatest comic playwrights. The story brims with rich comic characters, an endearing love story, and the age-old conflict of the "mature" versus the "young," the latter embodying what Shaw personifies as The Life Force. A production to delight the senses and raise the spirit.
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Geoff Tarson; Karen Getz; Reneta Cuff; John Lavarnway; Maria Manzano; Donna V. Harfenist; Mark Roth; Mark Bader; Paul Klementowicz; Todd Larsen; David Kim; William Modic
Production Team
Sue Ann Park; Fred Weiss; Michelle M. Mudge; Orestes Joseph Mihaly, Jr.; Ingrid Fromm; Don Guido; Michael Greene; Barbara Carroll; Elizabeth Martin; Barry Craig; Debbie Kane; Ken Curreri; Tina Fiske; Alec Bokman; Cheryl Eller; Lucille Aranzullo; Donna Harfenist; Theresa Bartoli; Allison Zimet; Catherine Parrinello; Naomi Kaufman; Susan Berch; Doug Baloy; Jon Carlson; Thomas Wilson; Theater 103 Students; Theater 180 Students; Frank Avellino; Barry Eisenberg; Elizabeth Bell; Tish Gordon; Virginia Robinson; Connie VanHorn; Victoria Vigorito; Vi Bielenberg; Peggy Mersereau; Mary Anne Hallacy; Carolyn Proulx; Woolsey Ackerman
Special thanks to Barrett Raff, DDS and Tri-Cities Opera.
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