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Dance: '83: Choreographix
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Dance: '83: Choreographix
April, 1983
Watters Theater, Fine Arts Building, Binghamton University, Harpur College, State University of New York; Binghamton, New York, United States
Modern, jazz, and ethnic dance unite in a rich combination of choreographic premieres. An evening of color and motion created by faculty and student choreographers that promises to excite and entertain.
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Nancy Berg; Robin Bernstein; Lovette George; Scott Hafler; Carolyn Izzo; Linda Nutter; Mike Rotolo; Rana Rosenberg; Mark Steinwachs; Valerie Widman; Donna Humphrey; Wendy Berman; Danielle Claro; Danielle Druery; Karen Getz; Jean Kalick; Barrie Ladenheim; Linda Nesenoff; Loreen Korsmeier; Victor Arroyo; David Karns; Members of the Afro-American Dance Theater Workshop; Sherrie Bradshaw; Estelle Cimber; Michele Hall; Phetrina Mack; Beverly McNeil; Jackie Wilcher; Susan Berch; Elizabeth A. Neumann; Karen Beauter; Victoria Bell; Wendy Berger; Julie Drucker; Cameron Feldman; Marsha Jacoby; Lisa Rizzi; Nancy Rizzo; Diane Rudnitski; Beverly Vera; Jeanne Wells; Fiona Byrne; Ahn Lee; Dexter Harrison; Mark Hennessy
Production Team
Jill Castro; Darlene Greene; Michael Greene; Estelle Cimber; Ingrid Fromm; Debbie Kane; Mark Roth; Sharon Brown; Anne Schaper; Dan J. Scarfo; Mark Cedar; Paulette Steele; Jill Hertz; Karen Heyward; Amy Schecter; Donna Humphrey; Carolyn Izzo; Martin J. Keane; Pat Thompson; Chris Focht; Pat Hansen; Vi Bielenberg; Rhae Ann Busch; Allan Jackson; Michael Kilgore; Kathleen C. Nolan; Susan Peters
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