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The Good Woman of Setzuan
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The Good Woman of Setzuan
February and March, 1982
Watters Theater, Fine Arts Building, Binghamton University, Harpur College, State University of New York; Binghamton, New York, United States
An exploration of goodness in an evil world, set in China.
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Bernardo Rosa, Jr.; Charles A. Malat; David Mitnowsky; George Concepcion; Lawrence Williams; Don Freyleue; Kevin V . Killebrew; Orestes Mihaly; David J. Perez; Paulette Lunn; Alan Mukamal; Ellen Korner; Cathy Parrinello; Paul Klementowicz; Bruce Burg; Valerie Widman; Clarissa M. Robinson; Don McCoy; Adam Fischler; Jill Margolis; Penny Powell; Stacie Barron; Justin Thompson; Brian Eller; Eoin Kearney; Carla Trager; Jeri Burns; Jan Woiler; Nieves Dieguez; David Howland; Fran Friedberg; Lisa Spar; Cindy Fassler; Cheryl Mirkin; Marie Sigmann; Gail Wein; Neal Goldstein; Jim Bennett; Rob Siegers; Sherrie Maride; John Knierim; Wendy Berman
Production Team
Susan Hochhauser; Anthony Nelson; Orestes Mihaly; Philip Atlakson; Barbara Carroll; Jackie Wilcher; Sharon Brown; Lovette George; Michael Greene; Laura Knochen; Elizabeth Moro; Amy Sanders; Xan; Neil Greenberg; Mark Cedar; Arthur Lee Butler; Tina Chiu; Julia Densley; Diane Nichols; Natalie Jakolew; Amy Rothman; David Serko; Kerri Shelton; Cheryl Eller; Mary VanVector; Bernardo Rosa; David Rabert; Paula Bellia; Francine Berk; Estelle Cimber; Jeff Goodwin; Gary Shiffman; Alison Zimmet; Alan Mukamal; Jordon Sherman; Evan Turk; Matthew Wiener; Theater 103 Class; Lisbeth Roman; Melanie Stekas; Vi Bielenberg; Peter Bohush; Mary Anne Hallacy; Steve Kass; Paul Klementowicz; Eileen Orringer; Chris Ruigomez
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