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April, 1982
Watters Theater, Fine Arts Building, Binghamton University, Harpur College, State University of New York; Binghamton, New York, United States
A classic Greek drama in the 19th century dress. "Ghosts," written in 1881, is one of Ibsen's social problem plays, the story of a woman who has married a man she did not love. Trapped in a loveless relationship with a dissipated husband, she struggles to protect her son from the consequences of a poisoned home life. It was as though Ibsen had unleashed the ancient Furies in the family living room - with disconcerting results ... In this play misery is really the disease that kills. It is loveless, joyless, purposeless living that destroys the body and soul of Captain Alving and returns with a vengeance to haunt Mrs. Alving in the son she thinks she has saved from the truth.
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Donna Lynn Harfenist; Bernardo Rosa, Jr.; Jeffrey C. Nuding; Kim Moore; David Seiko
Production Team
Matthew Wiener; Janet Brunell; William J. Reynolds; Philip Atlakson; Barbara Carroll; Nicole D. Alemanne; Tina Chiu; Laura Knochen; Sharon Brown; M. T. Friede; David Black; Halli; Valerie Widman; Richard G. Smith; Mark Cedar; Robin Lippet; Arthur Lee Butler; Tina Chiu; Sue Berch; Cheryl Eller; Mary VanVactor; Amy Rothman; Alan Mukamal; Jordan Sherman; Tom Tully; Charlie Malat; Theater 103 Class; Sue Hall; Sue Hochhauser; Daniel Gaylord; Paul Palazzo; Melanie Stekas; V. Bielenberg; P. Bohush; C. Ruigomez; E. Orringer; M. A. Hallacy; P. Klementowicz; S. Kass
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